Friday, March 30, 2007

Ten down, 75 to go.

There's not much to say, really. I've had some decent papers and some less successful ones. No howlers yet, which is nice. It's really unfortunate when students just don't do what they're told. Because it means I have to dock marks not for the papers they did write but for what they didn't. Sort of. But, heck, read the dang instructions! Whatever. I don't know whether there's any way around this. We'll see if/when I ever teach my own course.

[Random thought: I just watched Avril Lavigne's video, "Girlfriend." I'm confused: I thought she was a proper adult now. I guess not. Ok, moving on . . . .]

I took a break from grading today to join a few historians and one former-future historianness at pub night. I will see more of them tomorrow at our history society meeting. Although I tried to be pleasant---and I think I was mostly successful---I of course managed to make a bit of an ass of myself by telling all and sundry about my love for AT, who of course was sitting right beside me. I can't help it: When I have love for you, I can't stop myself from letting everyone know. Sorry for embarrassing you, AT. But you're a big boy. You can deal. (And MS wasn't there to share in my love telling, so you can blame him too.)

Should grade one more paper before reading and bed. Night!

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