Friday, March 16, 2007

Many Massey hours.

Some comments on recent activities: I have now officially put my name in for a seat on a university council. JDS's papal talk was pretty interesting and very well delivered yesterday. I had dinner at Massey (and it was good). So too was chatting with the second-coolest guy at the college. Voting began at Massey last night after a very long election meeting. The historians left the bar at 11pm. (But I'm mostly surprised that so many people came to pub night at this terrible time of the academic year.)

This afternoon I took JDS, TC, and YT to Massey for lunch and conversation. We were celebrating various things, including two future defenses, one postdoc, one sessional job, and one looming comps exam.

I really did almost nothing of use this week. Too much running around, I think. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more little things out of the way this weekend so I can get back to research work. Oh, and I ordered myself an external monitor to use in addition to my laptop screen. And once this comes I'll have no excuse not to get working on my .pdf files! Something I am not particularly looking forward to. Taking notes, while interesting because I get to learn lots of new things, is quite tedious. Sigh.

Tonight we're celebrating FN's birthday (which is technically tomorrow). Should be a good party!

Oh, and good luck to EC and AG who are presenting at a conference this weekend!!

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