Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why I love my guys.

When I talk about "my guys," I invariably mean "the dead men (and women) who worked in Russia (esp. Siberia) and who are the subjects of my research." So, my guys. One of them is entertaining me at the moment. I'm going through more images and just came across a short letter from an American Red Cross representative to the American ambassador, David R. Francis. The letter was written from Petrograd (St. Petersburg) on 4 July 1918, and looks like this:
So, yeah. The ambassador wanted an imperial Borzoi to keep him company in Vologda, where most western officials were now living. Nice to know the American Red Cross was doing important work in Russia, eh? ;-) Now I want to know if Francis ever got a dog . . . .

(Source: National Archives, College Park; RG 84, Diplomatic Posts, USSR; Miscellaneous Correspondence, Reports, and Memoranda 1916-1919; Box 2; Miscellaneous Correspondence & Memoranda 1918 [1 of 2].)

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