Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick life update.

I'm not feeling particularly articulate right now. So I will just tell you what I did today: reading group meeting at the York history department; lunch at Massey (including nominating myself for an elected position); gabbering and gossiping with Masseyites; coffee social in the U of T history department; hanging out with Africanist JS, tall MS, and other fabulous (and slightly less fabulous) historians; lecture; super amazing dinner with FN---you ought all to be jealous of my life, seriously; intelligent gabbering with FN; MSNing; organizing my life, i.e. responding to e-mails; ordering books and a present for FN from amazon.ca. And now here I sit. It's a hard life ;-).

Actually, there was a pretty decent group of historians in the common room today. Good times. And the reading group was helpful, too. Plus, the trip out to York didn't take nearly as long as it might have. Nice.

Later . . . It's 4:30am and I still can't sleep. This is most annoying. Maybe I have too many things going on in my life right now and my brain won't shut down. Damn it, brain! Perhaps I will take this opportunity to post more pictures up on Facebook.

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