Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy birthday, FN!

Have you ever been to a party at a former warehouse/once-future S&M club/current studio-loft apartment? That's where the shin-dig was last night! The place is occupied by a friend of a friend of FN's, and last night's festivities included mostly talking, a spot of dancing---TF insisted I salsa with him, and averting my eyes from the nakedness in the hot tub a few feet away. All in all, it was pretty fun, though not perhaps a raging success. FN had a great time hanging out with all her awesome school friends, from school both past and present. Just shy of 3am we headed out onto the snowy streets in search of General Tao's chicken at Rol San in Chinatown. We were home by 4:30am.

At several points during the night we discovered unknown connections partly thanks to facebook. One of TC's friends is also friends with TF (unknown to TC, who had never met TF before); she came to the party at TF's invite and surprised TC! (She saw TC on the facebook event site.) One of FN's friends drove down from Kingston for the party, and it turns out he's in the same facebook work-group as TC. And we discovered that TC (again) also knows the girlfriend of another of FN's friends. (And I only know what the g/f's name is because of facebook.) Facebook. It makes the world a smaller place than it already is!

Today was a laundry day. Although it's St. Paddy's Day, I am tired and in need of at-home time so I can go out again tomorrow! And, please forgive me, Massey, for skipping out on Tea Hut. Maybe next year.

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