Sunday, April 01, 2007

I heart Massey.

[The title is in honour of CG, who used a similar phrase in an e-mail to me yesterday. It made me smile.]

Friday after the meeting AB and I went for lunch at Massey, and then I descended to the basement library to grade papers. I was pretty good, managing to get through 6 of them in 5 hours, including a couple breaks for sanity's sake. I dragged LG with me to dinner (also at Massey) and then it was off to see "The Rocky Horror Show" for me.

The show was well done, but of course the plot of the play is kinda ridiculous. Still, it was a good time and a semi-lively crowd made it better. Afterwards a clump of us meandered home through the streets of Toronto back to the college. And there we gathered, chatting and laughing outside. It was fun! The coolest guy at Massey was there; and I told M2.0 that we should be friends. SM and PB and I then went for a 1am dinner. Because by this point we were all pretty hungry. (It's what happens when you have dinner at 6:30pm.) I really have a good time with some of the Massey boys some days. They should hang out with me more often, methinks.

Today was fairly relaxing but I really must grade. Or read my prof's book. And then I must wake up much too early to have dim sum with LG and CG.

A few minutes later . . . Oh, and I just finished watching "Stranger than Fiction" with FN. Apparently it was so uninspiring that I promptly forgot all about it. It's not bad; it's just nothing special, I don't think.

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