Monday, March 12, 2007

What can I say?

My life is boring recently. Sunday was a day of rest and grocery shopping with FN . . . and seeing Masseyites and Yorkies on Bloor St. It's the place to be on Sunday evening. Today has seen me holed up in my room, procrastinating (read: Facebook), sleeping, and working. I spent a while going through the introductory chapter of one of my friends. (We have a reading group meeting tomorrow.) The chapter is really good: yay! Plus, it's a topic that really interests me, so even better.

On the morrow I must make the trek out to York for the 10am meeting. York is awfully far away that early in the morning. Sigh. But it'll be good to discuss the chapter and catch up with some of the York historians. They are pretty cool.

I hope you all's lives are more exciting these days!

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