Monday, June 30, 2008

Thoughts on Zune.

Quadb's got his review up, so I guess I should post my own.

I really like my little mp3 player, the Microsoft Zune. I got it free---the 8GB version---just over a week ago, and have been trying it out since then. I was never one to listen to much music (except at shows), but in part that's because I was never able to hear music unless I was at my computer or in a car. Since I don't drive, and don't like musical distractions when I'm working, I haven't listened to nearly as much music as one might think I have. Plus, I'm picky. The radio is dreadful. I now, though, have a decent collection of recent indie stuff, and I do like to keep on top of all of it. My Zune is helping!

Some thoughts:

- It's small and light and nifty looking. It's black on the front with a nice-sized screen and a silver metal back.
- The touchpad thing and the two buttons work well and are easy to work without having to look at.
- The screen colours are nice, though I haven't used it much. (You can see photos or watch videos.)
- It was super easy to get my mp3s from My Music folder onto the device. I don't really use iTunes, so I didn't have an issue there. Since I do subscribe to a few podcasts with iTunes, though, it's a bit annoying that I can't easily put them onto the Zune. Heck, my own podcast is available for download only through iTunes at the moment. I'll have to look into this.
- My device came with Zune "premium headphones," which I recommend. In fact, a friend with an iPod just ordered herself the Zune headphones because they're the best ones she's seen for the price they're going for. I haven't even opened the regular headphones that ship with the Zune.
- There's an online community I can link up to. I've signed up, but there doesn't seem to be much happening there. I don't care what other Zune users (whom I don't know) are listening to. I suppose if a handful of my friends joined that would interest me.
- I can listen to the radio using the Zune. This is cool. I used this function a bit when on the way to and from the conference. It worked just fine. The only problem is that there wasn't a station in Pennsylvania or New York State broadcasting the Euro Cup final.
- There are other features, but I haven't used them yet.
- Finally, my Zune package did not come with any detailed instructions. I'm usually someone who likes instruction booklets (or at least .pdf's), but as it turned out, the thing's pretty easy to use so I haven't needed instructions. It has meant that there are some functions that I didn't realize were there for several days after I started playing with the Zune. But I suppose that's part of the fun.

Back in the big city.

Toronto is home, and I'm back. Columbus was ok. I had a great time at the Columbus Zoo and a Clippers game on Saturday. The conference itself was alright, but boring, mostly. I chatted with other grad students (and young professors)---many of whom I'd met at previous conferences---and had brief exchanges with a couple professors. I didn't get much feedback, which is fine since I can't expect that, but I certainly did not come back home enthusiastic about my topic and with a keen desire to get on with it. My malaise continues. I don't want to be a bummer for those around me; I'm afraid I can't help it, though. Basically, I'm great and life is awesome and there are amazing things happening all around me all the time, and fantastic people with whom to spend time. And yet, I'm not particularly happy at the moment.

The thought of being a professor and having to hang around other professors sounds terrible. I don't like professors. Maybe it's just the ones here that suck---not my committee, but most other ones, it seems. But I'm not so sure. I'm kinda off historians right now. Not all of them, and not even most of them. Still, I'm a bit down about things. Except indie kids and that whole scene. Sure, not everything is rosy with the indie set all the time, but the vast majority of the time I feel welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated for being who I am when I'm out and about at shows and doing other indie music things. I have been feeling less so in the other area of my life recently. It's sad, really.

The rabbit was not part of the zoo exhibits. She was just hanging around near some primates. Cute.

Friday, June 27, 2008


It's going well. I gave my paper on Thursday afternoon, and it was good (I think). I've met some people and remet others, and have had a good time, generally speaking. Haven't gotten out much to see Columbus, but the campus is a bit far from the goings-on in town, so that's partly why. Back to Toronto Sunday night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Columbus, OH.

I'm off early Wednesday morning to a conference in Ohio. Five of us are driving down, and we'll be back late Sunday night. Probably no blog updates until next week.

Ruby Coast, Hush Money, Hamilton Trading Co.

Sunday night after doing the podcast with TW, the two of us biked up to Sneaky Dee's to see Ruby Coast, a young band from suburban Toronto that reminds me of Born Ruffians and especially Tokyo Police Club. I'd seen them twice before, and Sunday night the crowd was mostly made up of older (as in, older than the band members) people who hadn't seen them perform before. So no crazy mosh pit antics. But a lot of people came early to see them---I've never seen a crowd so large at Sneaks so early for a Wavelength show. The guys played great, and KS and I danced at the front while most other people bobbed their heads. Ah, Toronto.After their set, TW and I (along with another friend) biked over to the Boat, for Gather Round. It was the last summer night for the Sunday series that's been going for several months. The few times that I'd gone before, the audience has been pretty thin (but not empty). This time, a bunch of people were there, so that all the seats were taken and many people had to stand. Which isn't a bad thing when the acts are energetic and encourage audience participation. I missed Mikey Muscat, but saw most of Hush Money and of course one of my favourite groups, Hamilton Trading Co. A good time. KH was backed up by 13 singers this time. I couldn't get them all in a shot from where I was sitting, and being more interested in watching/listening/participating than taking photos, I didn't get up and move to take a better one. Gather Round was a nice thing to do Sunday nights.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hit by a car.

I got hit by a car late this morning on Spadina Road. I was being perfectly safe---as safe as a cyclist can be---and a car drove right into me. The man driving had, I think, decided it would be a good idea to pass on the right, alongside/between sporadically parked cars, to get ahead of traffic. Except that I was on his right, in the lane with the parked cars.

It was broad daylight, and the road is straight, and I was riding at a constant pace.

So he hit me---my seat, actually---and I flew over the bike and landed on the road. I have a bruised and scraped up left knee, right elbow and arm, and left palm. I am otherwise ok. (Thank goodness for jeans and a jean jacket.) I didn't hit my head, but I easily could have fallen a different way or been hit at a different angle, and could have.

Please, friends, wear a helmet when you bike. (I always wear one.)

When the driver of the car eventually stopped and came over, all he could say was that he'd seen me fall. And then he proceeded to argue with me that he had not hit me. Bullshit. Me seat is torn and it was turned around. Not to mention the fact of my fly through the air.

I was too shaken up to argue with him or get his license plate. I realize now that I should have, but I just never thought of it when I had the chance.

My knee hurts and is swollen and bruised. I've been icing it, so hopefully I'll be better come tomorrow.

Indie Music 41.

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Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

Last week was pretty tame for me, music-wise. Needed to take a bit of a breather afte NxNE. But Saturday night I was out, and Sunday too (Ruby Coast! Hamilton Trading Co!). This week I'm not going to any shows: I'll be in Columbus, OH.

Here are my picks for this week. Monday: Gentleman Fest @ The Gladstone; Tuesday: Jon-Rae Fletcher and $100 @ The Imperial Pub; Wednesday: LLIONS @ Rancho; Thursday: National Tragedy @ The Renaissance Cafe or Zygiella V @ Rancho; Friday: Concord Cafe (experimental noise rock) or the Horseshoe (folk pop-rock); Saturday: I can't decide (lots of good things to do); and Sunday: Michael Holt's Tranzac series (early evening) and Wavelength at night. Enjoy the week!

Tyler and I recorded our fifth podcast Sunday evening. That should be up soon at You can also subscribe to it (for free) from the iTunes store.

MONDAY (23 jun)

Kevin Quain @ Grafitti's, 6pm.

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie & Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Elvis Mondays presents Still Life Still, The Effens, Mark Sutherland, Noise Box, Emerald Doyle, and the People of Canada @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Two Roads Home, Jadea Kelly, and Two Roads Home @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Moon June presented by Mantler feat. Eric Chenaux and Mantler @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 8pm, pwyc.

* Gentleman Fest presents Place Hands, The Guest Bedroom, Whiskey Priest, Tradition, and Now Yr Taken @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 8pm, $5. This is a fundraiser for Ladyfest Toronto.

Jordan Venn, Unsung, and tba @ Smiling Buddha.

Burning Brides (live recording session) w/ Year Long Disaster @ The Bovine, 9pm.

Killin It, Reprobates, School Jerks, and At Worst @ 393 Margueretta St., 8pm, $5.

TUESDAY (24 jun)

The Mermen @ Smiling Buddha.

Alysse Rich, Daniel Field, Sammy Field, and Leora Rich @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, pwyc.

John Russon Quintet @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Dave Bidini Band (ex Rheostatics) @ 11:40, Black Diamond Boys @ 10:50, Jason Bajada @ 10:00, and Parlour Steps @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Jim Black @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Ian Sherwood's Trio w/ Mandippal Jandu @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Pink and Black presents Fingerbanger, End Program, and The Bag Ladies @ The Bovine, 9pm, free.

Home Grown Tuesdays feat. Darrelle London, Trick of Disaster, Jeremy Smith, The Rosie Jones Band, Jude Haines, and The Bitter Happiness @ The Silver Dollar, 8pm, $5.

The AMBiENT PiNG presents Summer Laptopia w/ NAW, URM, and SRF @ The Central, 8pm, $6/pwyc.

* Jon-Rae Fletcher w/ $100 @ The Imperial Pub (Back Room), 9pm, $5.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Slides, I Made This Mistake, and Michou @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Local Alt Rock feat. Moore @ 10:45, Faded Blue @ 9:45, and Second Pass @ 8:45. Lee's Palace, $5.

Ainsley McNeaney (w/ full band, orchestra, and choir) @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10.

WEDNESDAY (25 jun)

* Feuermusik (in-store) @ Soundscapes, 6pm, free.

Sarah Jerrom Quintet @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Real Cops, Mike Baker (Peyote Kings), State of Mind, and Sarah Pearson @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

PWYC Weds feat. Red Flag Ruckus, LLIONS, and the Sun Brimmers @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, pwyc.

Ben Hammond w/ White Room and Zach Finkelstein @ The Central, 9pm.

Howl and tba @ The Velvet Underground.

CaMp CoMbo @ Grafitti's, 9pm, pwyc.

Barzin, Evening Hymns, and Leanne Greyerbiehl @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Local Alternative feat. tba @ 11:40, Corduroy Road @ 10:50, Ian Sherwood Trio @ 10:00, and Urban Symphony @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $4.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Born To Busk, The WitHouts, and The Milwaukee's Best Band @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Local Rock & Pop feat. Dippinsauz, People You Know, John Wayne, and Chasing Aimee @ Lee's Palace, $8.

Quality Folk Rock feat. The Meggi Faye Band, More than Breathing, The Deadbeat Dads, and tba @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm, $5.

New Music Night feat. Higgs Field, Najua, and Insurgentlemen @ Clinton's, 9pm, $5.

The Liras w/ The Mighty Rhinoceros @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

Bad Flirt, We Are the Take, and The Hots @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 8pm, $8.

THURSDAY (26 jun)

The Warlocks (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 6pm, free.

Big Pride Stomp Down feat. Tomboyfriend and Histrionics @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Marilyn Lerner @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Rough Sea, Thick as Thieves, the Milwaukee's Best Band, and Chris Yang @ The Oxford Hotel (117 Oxford St.), 8pm, pwyc.

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder w/ The Canada Goose Band, Deep Dark United, Blue Sunshine, and ayalsenior @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 8pm, $5.

t@b and Sara Nasr @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, pwyc.

Donovan Woods Band w/ Andrew Austin @ The Central, 9pm, $10.

Weekend Warriors and Mikey Digits w/ DJ Coulture @ Revival, 10pm, $5.

* National Tragedy Episode 2 presents Shelby Lamb, Eric Chenaux, Elaine Kelly (Carnival Moon), and Gardenia @ The Renaissance Cafe, 9:30pm, pwyc.

Black Collar Thursdays feat. Del Asher, Story Teller (ex FMIG/Masquerade Parade), and Cities Between Us w/ DJ Stu Dead of Playdead @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

* V presents Burn Planetarium, Hot Panda, and Oh No Forest Fires @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

* Modernboys Modergirls (CD release) w/ Dinosaur Bones and DJ General Eclectic, plus guest performances @ Wrongbar, 9pm, $6 (or $12 and you'll get the CD too).

The Cotton Jones Basket Ride @ The Silver Dollar, 9pm.

Maria Taylor, Johnathan Rice, and Nik Freitas @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $8.50.

Dirty Dishes (CD release) @ Dakota Tavern, 7pm, $10.

Home Grown presents Michael Lake & Whiskey Gordon @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $10. "Original music by local indie songwriters and famous Canadian covers by the house band and students of Tammy Frederick's Voice Studio."

Acoustic evening feat. Chisai Jackson, the July Monarchy, and Make Your Exit @ Clinton's, 10pm, $tba.

Abient Editions & the Music Gallery present Gordon Monahan, Olivia Block, and Joda Clement @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10 (students/members, $15 regular). "A night of electro-acoustic experimentation."

FRIDAY (27 jun)

The Foolish Things @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, free.

The Warped 45's and Amelia Curran @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

These Three Cities @ Smiling Buddha.

Alistair Christl & the Swingin Chandeliers and Key Frames @ Graffiti's, 9pm, pwyc.

Launch party for Tenori-on feat. Lal, IamRobotandPround, Isabelle Noel, Repair, Tone Cabinet, and Inside A Mind @ The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 8pm, $1.

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder w/ The Canada Goose Band, Saffron Sect, Under Heaven, and Not the Wind Not the Flag @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 8pm, $5.

Fleece Elves, Northwest Division, Daniel Sky, and the Pocket Co. @ The Savannah Room, 9pm, $5.

The State Of Things and Picturesound w/ DJ Vania @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

Uncut, Metz, Ten Kens, and Ancestors @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $5.

TWM presents Clouds That Look Like Things, The Lovely Killbots, Obscenery, and Donnie Ivey @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

Not Guilty w/ Pants & Tie, and DJs Shaniqua and Selective Sergery @ Teranga, 10pm, $5 (free before 11pm).

Joe Garant (CD release) w/ Madeleine Slate and Daniel Mackenzie @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, $5.

The Hungry Ghost Festival @ Neutral, 11pm, $5.

The Radical Dudez @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm.

Taxi Chain @ The Cadillac Lounge, 10pm, $8.

* Galactic Cocoon presents The Creeping Nobodies, Tropics, Gaybeast, and LsDoubleDCup @ Concord Cafe, 9:30pm, $8.

Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide) w/ White Hinterland @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $8.50.

Animal Clinic, Sadie May Crash, and Brain Sandwich of Zion @ Clinton's, 9pm, $10.

Ska Fest feat. Keepin'6, Cheap Suits, Anderson, All For Nothing, Nobody Knew, and After The Invasion @ El Mocambo (Upstairs), 7pm, $10.

* A Northern Chorus (final Toronto show) @ 12:30, Dan Griffin & the Regrets @ 11:30, Bellewoods @ 10:30, and Electroluminescent @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, $10.

Jagermeister Release the Beast Competition feat. No Right Turns, Blood Runs Cold @ The Annex WreckRoom, 9pm, $10.

SATURDAY (28 jun)

There's some free stuff on as part of festivals. I don't have those things listed here.

The Re-mains @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Karen Kosowski (& Marc) w/ Tyler Summers @ The Central, 9:30pm, $5 or pwyc.

Another Saturday Night, SCREEN-3, and The Locusts Have No King @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Space Craft 6 @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

Saint Dirt Elementary School @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

* FUnhUnT presents Oscar Brown, Kaleidoscope City, Burn Planetarium, Alphabot!, Dinosaur Bones, Party Band (members of Spiral Beach, The Miles, Donlands & Mortimer, and People of Canada), Boxes & Bags, and La Casa Muerte @ La Casa Muerte Academy of Sciences (676 College St. W), 8pm, $3.

Whale Tooth and Remotely Controlled @ Bread & Circus (193 1/2 Baldwin St.), 9pm, $5.

The Priddle Concern, Krista Hartman, H-Burns, and Charlotte Cornfield @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $8.

Charity Concert for Surrey Place feat. Hamilton Trading Co. @ The Boat, 8pm, $10 min. donation. See

The Skirtchasers, The Low Heroes, Two Foot Falls, Michael Moone & the Shivertones, and Daniel Gray @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm, $5.

Tambourine Magazine and K-laah Entertainment present Cure Gravity, Bury the Bully, Only Way Back, Kessel Run, and WhosArmy @ The Savannah Room, 8:30pm, $10.

Lodown and Georgian Skull w/ DJ Vania @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

Brittlestar, Looks Linear, and tba @ Lee's Palace, 9pm, $6.

Wintage Records & Tapes presents Skaters, Eskimo King, Disguises, and Knurl @ O'Grady's Pub (171 College St.), 9:30pm, $7.

* Indie Dance Rock feat. Shenanigans @ 12:30, Elephant (CD release) @ 11:30, Janes Party @ 10:30, and Fox Jaws @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, 9pm, $8.

* Teenanger, Machetes, The Holy Cobras, and World War I @ Rancho Relaxo, $8.

Infighter @ The Mod Club, 10pm, $10 (or free w/ guestlist).

A Softer Touch feat. Quiet Centre, Mineseye, Throbbin Hoods, The Death of Me, and Johnny Bludclot & Michael Cuthbertson (Some Peoples Kids) @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm (show time), $10.

Sundown Entertainment presents Eclectic Minds feat. Revo Clik's Diaz, Blvd, Dre, and Tha Voice; True Notion; Stolen Owners; and the Afterthats w/ DJ Shai @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $10 (or $5 adv).

Music Gallery presents Feuermusik (CD release), Neptune, and Marilyn Lerner @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10 (students/members, $15 regular).

The Vestaloynes @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm.

SUNDAY (29 jun)

Alterna Queer feat. @ Alexander Parkette Stage (behind Buddies in Bad Times), noon. There's DJing at noon, followed by bands (etc.) playing starting at 1:30pm, and there's another one each half hour. The lineup is: Strong Like Bull, Senor Kasio, Mad June, Satan's Candy, Foxes, Shitt Hottt, Stop.Die.Resuscitate, Leif, Creature, Miss Guy, Ari Up, Miss Guy (again), and Duchess says at 10pm.

Solar Cycle 24 @ The Gladstone Hotel Art Bar, 2pm, free.

Prodigal Sundays feat. The Backstabbers Country Stringband @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 5pm, free.

Michael Holt presents I Love Music! @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc.

Josh Van Tassell & friends @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Rosemary Phelan @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

* Wavelength 419 feat. Entire Cities, Wordburglar, and Hot Panda @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc.

Steamboat Monthly Review w/ guest Andre Ethier @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Healing Power feat. Cave Dudes @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 9pm. The band performs at 10:30pm. Before the music, there's food and maybe a film.

Normal Love, Sailboats Are White, Fanaa (ex STYTS), and Gravitons @ The Boat, 9pm, $6

DJ X, DJ Fase, & DMoney present Live at the BBQ: The Reunion feat. a whole lot of hip hop music to be played/spun/mixed by a whole lot of DJs plus performances by Frankenstein, Nasty Howie, Bishop Brigante, and Thrust, hosted by John Bronski @ The Drake Underground, 3pm onwards, $7 (or $15 after 10pm).

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey, I completely forgot when I wrote my last blog post that one of the other exciting things that happened Friday was that my Zune came in the mail! (The other thing was that I went to a dissertation reading group meeting, and it was good.)

I have an mp3 player now, folks. The first one I've ever had. Yipee! (It was free!!)

I'm playing around with it, but I'll let you know what I think about it once I figure more of it out. It's not complicated---if not quite as easy as I first thought---but I want to try it out a bit more before I make judgments.

Star Trek @ Roy Thomson Hall.

Tonight was most assuredly not indie music. But it was amazing. I am a Star Trek fan from way back. I grew up with the Next Generation, and have watched that and the next two series over and over again in syndication. Memories of Space Channel in the afternoon . . . .

Anyways, back to reality. Star Trek! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed a bunch of themes from the movies and shows, and the night was hosted by John de Lancie ("Q") and Robert Picardo ("the doctor"). Yes, those guys. I was crazy happy to be there. It was a teensy weensy bit cheesy but really well done for what it was. The audience hooted and hollered a bit during a standing ovation that lasted for three curtain calls. Super fun.

And I will now get back to dissertating. I am gathering up my materials for a section of chapter 2. Tediousness, here I come.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NXNE'ing (Saturday).

It being Wednesday now and all, I guess it's time to finish my NxNE recap. What a festival it was! I know there were some issues and all of that, but for me, it was a great time, and I'm really glad to have been a part of it. I was tired Saturday when I woke up, and it took me a while to get going. But by mid afternoon I was antsy, hoping for lots more great shows. First up, the 4pm slot at Sonic Boom. I purposely missed Monotonix's performance (at 3pm), figuring I didn't want to find myself part of something unpleasant. (I try not to be a grump about rock 'n roll antics, but I am a small woman who does not want to be manhandled or whatever. I'd heard stuff about their show earlier during the fest.) I arrived in time to hear all about from friends of mine, and, well, although I certainly missed one heck of a show, I am not sorry about it! Read all about it elsewhere. And see David's pic of the drummer with a garbage can on his head. Yeah.

A band from Chicago was on next. They were displeased to follow Monotonix, but made the best of it, putting on a good show. I wouldn't have minded seeing them perform later that night, but my schedule was already jam-packed with awesome, so they didn't make the cut. Seemed like nice guys, though. They were called Mannequin Men, and---perhaps because they'd just witnessed some insanity---the singer was jumping around on the drum kit. It wasn't totally out of place, but perhaps unexpected for an in-store performance. I appreciated the intensity.After them, I biked back home for a bit, called a friend, and we decided to both go see Julie Doiron and Fred Squire at Sonic Boom. Their in-store was a near last-minute addition to the lineup that day, but despite the late notice, there was a good-sized audience in the basement of the record store to check them out. They played a few songs with Julie singing and playing guitar, and then switched to some Calm Down It's Monday tracks with Julie on drums. The set was fun, relaxed, inspiring, and totally unpretentious. Just lovely. Many of us were sitting on the floor. I especially liked how she was so apologetic for having written and then performing for us a "catchy" pop song. It was totally cute, and I liked the song to boot.It was approaching 7pm by this point, and dinner was in order . . . Chippy's! KH and I chowed down, and then walked to Little Italy (for the street fest happening there) to get some oysters from BC, who was working the Oyster Boy tent. I had never eaten those before. Now I have. Weird, but good. KH went off to do non-NxNE stuff, and I ran into Neutral in time to catch the first song by the Miles, a young band from Toronto I'd seen before. And, wow! They blew me away. Such talent, such youth, and what a great sound. At 9pm, there wasn't a large group of people watching (or dancing), which really is a shame. These kids play semi-regularly, but they deserved a much large audience that night. I'm sure they'll get one one day soon. I hope they go places. Good energy in their live shows and great creativity to their compositions. I was all kinds of happy to have gone see them.The 10pm slot. Well, this was was a given for me: the Horseshoe to see Spiral Beach! Alas, I wasn't the only one to have this in mind. I laugh at myself now for thinking I'd have any chance of getting in. It wasn't worth the wait, so after having biked down to the Horseshoe, locked up my bike, checking out the line, running into some friends on the crowded corner, I ran back to my bike, grabbed a NOW magazine---I didn't have anything else marked down for 10!---made a quick decision, and was at the Silver Dollar before Adam & the Amethysts hit the stage. This Montreal (by way of Thunder Bay, I think, for Adam) shares three members (out of four) with Miracle Fortress, a band I enjoy on record and (a bit less so) live. Having not done any research on the band, I had no idea until I got there. They were nice, and were playing their first show ever that night to what seemed like a room-full of friends and other well-wishers. The songs were on the good side of okay, and the vibe in the venue and on stage was positive and fun. I was in the mood for harder, dancier stuff, though. And, the set was shorter than I expected; even with an encore---a lovely solo number by Adam---it clocked in at less than 30 minutes. I don't know why. No matter: on to the next venue!
For me, this was the Bovine. Earlier that day, KH told me that Clothes Make the Man may be his favourite Toronto band. Coming from a man who's seen hundreds of local bands, well, there was little chance of me not making a concerted (ha!) effort to check these guys out. The place was pretty full when I arrived---a good sign!---and as I waited for 11pm to roll around, I realized that the guy standing behind me was someone I'd met a few hours earlier at Sonic Boom. He was stoked to see CMTM too. Another good sign. The last good sign? The singer was wearing a t-shirt that said "HISTORY"! Dude. I was sold even before they started playing. And the music was awesome! I had a rocking good time, dancing as best I could jammed up again the stage and side railing. I will totally see them again. While playing one of their slower songs, the drummer broke the kick drum. It took a few minutes to get it patched up, but thank goodness no longer. Fun. The new songs they played were my favourites of the set. I'm looking forward to their new album.
The friend (standing behind me) was going to stay at the Bovine for the midnight set. I had no definite plans---attempt to get in to see Monotonix at Sneaks? I don't think so---so, heck, I stayed too. A group from Austin came on. They were odd, but mostly in the good way. I didn't really get it, but I certainly enjoyed myself while I pondered the costume(s) and the wacky combination of musical styles going on in front of me (to the right and a couple feet higher). Muchos Backflips! were kinda like jazzy, psychedelic metal, with a bit of hip hop thrown in on occasion. Some people really got into it; others, not so much. They certainly made an impression, though. Hope they had a good time in Toronto.Thus we approach 1am. My friends Tin Bangs were set to play at Kathedral, almost right across the street from where I was. I've seen them a bunch of times and love them a lot. But I was thinking seriously about checking out a band I had yet to see, namely, We Are Wolves, whose music I like and whose performance earlier in the week I'd heard really good things about. I made a choice and biked up to the El Mocambo to see if I could get in to see them. But there were a bunch of people outside---milling about, maybe---and I didn't want to risk having to wait in line. So back to Queen & Bathurst I went, parked my bike once again, and ran in to Kathedral at 1:03am, as Tin Bangs was playing song one. I immediately knew I had come to the right place. What was I thinking? Tin Bangs rules! I just love their brand of post-punk Britpop, or whatever the critics call it. It makes me dance like mad and whoop at the stage and generally act like a fool. Awesome. They were great, and the crowd got into it so that by the end of their set I was definitely not the only crazy dancing fool in the room. The friend I'd seen at the Bovine had come to check the band out on my suggestion, and he too was impressed. Yay! (The pic doesn't show the drummer Robbie's tight pink jeans. I covet those.)The two of us hung around and chatted with Robbie for a bit as the band cleared up. When we got kicked out of the venue, I headed off to the Silver Dollar. One of the "it" bands of the festival---according to some people---was playing, and I liked them just fine, for the three songs I heard had me moving. Some of my friends who were there for their whole set were less than impressed. But maybe it was all the hype that hurt them. The band (Oholics, from Sweden) seemed fun, if not the next big thing.
I hadn't come for them, though. The Schomberg Fair had the 3am slot to close the festival. Two-thirds of the band members were drinking large coffees at 2:30am, and come time to perform they were wide awake and ready to get the place jumping. And jump we did. And stomp. And hoot and holler, and generally have a grand ol' time. The Fair plays music I wouldn't necessarily play at home, but heck they put on a good show and they work damn hard to do so. The crowd thinned a bit after the Swedes left the stage, but I didn't notice anyone leave once the Schomberg boys started up. I bet the bar did a pretty good busy in the wee hours that day.NxNE. Ah. What a wild few days for me, and for this city. Thank you, everyone. Until next year.

Monday, June 16, 2008

NXNE'ing (Friday night).

I took a couple hours off between the afternoon and the evening---enough time to come home, check e-mail, decompress for a bit, and run an errand. And then I was back at it, at Sonic Boom for an in-store performance by Montreal punk rockers, Hot Springs. This female-led group impressed me, even if their music isn't quite my thing. I was also impressed by the vocalist's outfit. Not something I would have chosen to wear to rock out in, but, heck, she looked good. Otherwise, and I'm sure in part because I saw so many bands this weekend, I found them unmemorable. But definitely a band I wouldn't have a problem with seeing again at a live show.After Hot Springs, I ducked out of the record store to get some dinner. It was going to be a busy night, and I didn't want to miss out on any of the fun because I was hungry! Dinner (sushi) was pretty quick, and involved discussion with the couple sitting next to me about the festival. I made it to Kathedral in time to chat with the guys from Oh No Forest Fires and Beth in Battle Mode, and was then completely blown away by ONFF's set. Wow. I'd seen this band four times before, but Friday night they were amazing. I loved the new songs, the additional musical elements added in, and the all-out performance. It was great. Instantly the highlight of the festival for me up to that point.A friend of mine arrived during their set, and then the two of us braved the rain outside for approximately 5 seconds until we got into the Reverb, just next door. There, we caught Great Lake Swimmers, one of his favourite bands. The room was full, which was fun---the first relatively big show of the festival for me! I don't know this band very well, but they were lovely. Folk-tinged ballads, beautiful vocals, and expressive instrumentation. I really like the drummer, Greg Millson, who's also played with Forest City Lovers, Gentleman Reg, and the Hylozoists, among other awesome groups/performers. There was a wicked thunderstorm happening outside, and what sounded like a loud dance party below us. The floor shaking just a bit and lighting bolts visible through the large block-glass windows gave the show an added touch. It was quite awesome. An experience I won't soon forget.

The set was recorded for CBC Radio 3, which was broadcasting live from Reverb all night. At one point, not realizing that this was live to air, I yelled up at the host to ask him a question. He responded. So, hey, I interrupted a radio broadcast!I was too close to the band to get a shot of all of them together, so you get two photos for these guys.
Laura Barrett was on next. But I couldn't stay, though I do love her so. I had promised a friend of mine that I'd go see him play, and I was happy to do so, though less happy that I had to bike in the rain to get there. Good thing the thunderstorm had ended by now. (I haven't heard anything yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the chattering going on in the room drowned out some of Laura Barrett's sound.) Eleven o'clock saw me at the Free Times Cafe for Brad Casey. He's a lovely performer, a singer-songwriter, but he plays around with his style a little bit, and knows how to work a small crowd. I recommend seeing him if you get a chance. And check out the cool amp.
By the time I arrived at Free Times I was kinda wet. I was still damp when midnight rolled around, so figured I'd stay put for the next performer, westerner Lorrie Matheson. Local musician Simeon Ross (a solo performer, also of the band Infighter) had come to see him, so I took that as a recommendation that I should too. The room filled up some more before he took the small stage, and as he plugged in all his various pedals, etc. It was a lot of equipment for one guy with a guitar! I was glad to have stayed. He was impressive, and by the end of his set---he ended with a song sung without musical accompaniment---I was on the verge of tears. No mean feat.By now I'd already had a pretty varied night of music. Punk, indie rock, folk ballads, troubadouring . . . so why not continue this? I walked up with BC to the Silver Dollar to see The Diableros. This Toronto outfit have been around for a while, but over the winter they changed up their lineup, adding a new drummer and bass player. The Diableros' most recent album is one I actually paid money for, even before I'd ever seen them live. (I hadn't seen them at all before Friday night.) This is an extremely uncommon thing for me to do, so needless to say, my hopes were pretty high. I was worried that they were too high, especially since the two new members are people I know and like. Well, I shouldn't have been concerned. What a show they put on! The recorded songs sound so much better live. The Silver Dollar was jam packed with people. A definite highlight of the festival. Great, great, great. Too bad my photos are terrible.
Thus we come to 1:45am or so. What to do? More music, of course! TW had recommended Vancouver duo the Pack A.D. to me, and they were on at the Horseshoe at 2:15am. It wasn't a difficult decision to make. Soon enough I was stomping my feet harder than I ever should have. Hot damn, these women know how to rock! (It sounds super cheesy saying that, but really it's true.) They'd already performed earlier in the day, but were in fine form. As they played the crowd near the stage got larger and larger, to the point where people yelled out for an encore for a minute after they stopped playing. No dice. There was probably another band on, but I'd had enough. Why ruin the perfect end to an unbelievable day? Home, bed, and up again for more music on Saturday.

Indie Music 40.

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Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

I am show'd out. Man. NxNE. I loved every minute of it. It was my first time at the festival, and I dove right in, seeing 28 performances. Almost everything I saw was awesome, and the local acts I caught really outdid themselves. Local bands rock! Anyways, I also caught Hamilton Trading Co. and Anna Linda Siddall on Monday, Will Currie & the Country French and Sloan at Tattoo Rock Parlour last Tuesday, and on Sunday went to Gather 'Round at the Boat, which was great as usual.

The Toronto Jazz Festival starts this weekend. Full details at I won't list associated events here. There are a lot of free and pwyc shows and late-night jam sessions.

The fourth podcast (that accompanies these listings) is now up at Zygiella. Enjoy!

MONDAY (16 jun)

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie & Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Shoeless Monday feat. Perfect Gentlemen @ 11:15, David Newbold @ 10:15, and Flat Fifth @ 9:15. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Ava Ava and Darelle London @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Moon June presented by Mantler feat. Nifty and Slow Hand Motem @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 9pm, pwyc.

Mono Taxi, Love Kills, and The Assistants @ Supermarket, 9pm, $5.

Pain Train presents Miss Teasa, Static Lab, Jane's Party, and Times @ Smiling Buddha, 7pm, $10. Proceeds to the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

The Endless Blockade, American Cheeseburger, Reprobates, School Jerks, and UV Rays @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $8.

TUESDAY (17 jun)

Yolassi @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Paper Lions @ 11:40, Robot Man @ 10:50, In My Coma @ 10:00, and The Framework @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free. If you go, go early to see The Framework. They are also playing the Mod Club on Saturday.

The Silt @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

The Formula @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Attack and Underground Operations presents Aspirations w/ tba @ The Bovine, 9pm, free.

Benjamin & Mia and Turn on the Waterworks @ Free Times Cafe, 9pm, $5.

Pitter Patter Nights presents The Re-Mains (Australia) w/ Proof of Ghosts (duo set) @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Home Grown Tuesdays w/ Matt Empacher, Evan Malach, Daniel Sadowsky, Rafe Malach, Trick of Disaster, Robyn Dell..unto, and Lauren Eyton Jones @ Silver Dollar, 8pm, $5.

Cunt Art vs. Fashion Tips @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm. Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum had to cancel, but a related project, Cunt Art, will perform with their rivals, Fashion Tips.

WEDNESDAY (18 jun)

Queer Ears feat. Vivek Shraya, GIRAGIRA.gif, and DJs 4est and Triple X @ The Gladstone, 9pm, free.

Jamesol @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Matt York w/ Nay Jay @ The Central, 8pm, $5.

The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

* Bicycle Film Festival Opening feat. The Bicycles, No Cadence (Sandro Perri, Nif-D, Ryan Driver, Matias Rosenberg, and Sean Corcoran, playing a live soundtrack to bike movies), Syntonics, and The Cleef w/ DJ Rob Dyer and more @ Studio Gallery (294 College St.), 9pm, pwyc.

LAUGHstock presents Flying Museum Band, Driftwood, and Assembleme @ The Boat, 8pm, $5.

The Low Heroes and Phusion @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm.

Amy Ferguson @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, pwyc.

Bloodshot Bill w/ Art Adams @ The Cadillac Lounge, 9pm.

La Casa Muerte and Tripping Hazard @ Velvet Underground, 10pm.

The Daniel Barnes Quartet and The Micah Barnes Trio @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 8pm, $tba.

Mike Harloff & the Endangered Ladies, Matt Harloff, and Allosaurus @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

TIMA Showcase feat. ARYA, Warmachine, Downsview, Zzen, The Free Press, and APE @ The Annex WreckRoom, 7pm, $7.

Langhorne Slim & the War Eagles @ 10:30 and Ruth Minnikin @ 9:15. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $8 (adv, $10 door).

THURSDAY (19 jun)

The True Believers, Crummy Stuff, and Sisters Of Mersey @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, free.

Avi Granite w/ Peter Lutek @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Polyester Heart and Nick Zubeck @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Faeghan @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, pwyc.

Dexmatic, Atherton, PBrain, and DJ Who @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Hungry Lake, Bramwell & the Leftovers, Dan Gordon & the Sure Things, and Proof of Ghosts @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm.

The Shady Character Revolution, Hugh Oliver, Yuka, and special guest @ Clinton's, 9pm, $5.

Black Collar Thursdays feat. Melody Unwinding w/ DJ Stu Dead of Playdead @ The Bovine, 9pm, $tba. The Vancouver band is also doing an in-store performance at 1pm @ Sunrise Records.

* Pitter Patter Nights presents Aleks & the Ramps, Loitering Heroes, Morningseed House, and Mixylodian @ Tiger Bar?, 9pm, $5. If this does happen at Tiger Bar, it will be a dry event.

Stop Drop N Skank @ 11:15, Manic Sewing Circle @ 10:15, and The Corporation @ 9:15. Lee's Palace, $7.

Alt Country Roots Review feat. Hopeful Monster @ 12:10, Brothers Cosmoline @ 11:15, David Celia @ 10:00, and Madison Violet @9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $8.

The Isosceles Project, Ivory Tree Observatory, and ADA @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

* Place Hands, Whiskey Priest, and Hot Monogamy @ The Press Club, 9pm, $5.

Golden Girls presents The Summer Dance Off feat. Put the Rifle Down, Synotinics, St. Mandrew, and more @ The Drake Underground, 10pm, $5 (before midnight).

Acoustic Sounds of the Underground feat. This is a Parade, The Bag Ladies, Bedmaz, and Casey & Layne @ El Mocambo (Upstairs), 9pm, $5 w/ canned food.

Punk Aid IV feat. The Groopies, The Mahones, BS101, Unbelievers, The Von Drats, C-Sexshuns, and Sycho Logic @ The Annex WreckRoom, 7pm, $7 (adv, $10 door). Proceeds to Sick Kids Hospital.

HotBoxxx presents Lucas Hunter, Andrew Thompson, Linda Quesada, Soul Stir, The Kernals, and Max Galactic & The Cloud Of Evil @ The Rivoli, 8pm, $8.

Jennie Laws (EP release) hosted by WanLuv w/ Chris Rouse and DJ Agile @ Supermarket, 9pm, $8.

Rock for a Reason presents The Brothers Decadence, The Cheap Suits, Bury the Bully, Unsensored (final show), and Street Corner Scandal @ El Mocambo, 7:30pm, $10.

FRIDAY (20 jun)

The Foolish Things @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, free.

Earthroots Fundraiser feat. acoustic performances by Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck), Lily Frost, and Emilie Mover @ Hotshot Gallery (181 Augusta Ave.), 7pm, pwyc.

Moth Ring @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Saffron Sect (in-store) @ Marylou Flamingo's (984 Dundas West.), 8pm, free.

Vanderpark (full band acoustic) @ The Central, 9pm. The band will be recording a live acoustic CD. To be part of it, e-mail for more info.

Saint Dirt Elementary School @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Jessica Stuart Few, Joanna Borromeo, and Robin Dann @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

The Cunninghams (CD release) w/ 7 Days 2 Perfection @ Clinton's, 9pm, $5.

International Heavy Metal Day feat. Trole w/ DJ sets by the Darth Virgos AL911 & Billy Geek @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

* The Violet Archers (CD release) w/ Erika Werry @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm.

Akroid, Dance Electric, and Tonnn @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne St.), 7pm, $7. All ages.

The Leather Uppers, Home Blitz, D.C.T., and Catl @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne St.), 9pm, $5. BYOB.

Local Indie feat. Flying Eyes @ 12:00, tba @ 11:00, and tba @ 10:00. Lee's Palace, 9pm, $6.

TWM 18 presents Gravity Wave, Pete Samples, and The Paint Movement @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $7.

Red Diablo, Blood Ceremony, Sun of Sabbath, and The Harold Wartooth @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $7.

Waiting For Grace w/ Late Night Sanity and Red Roses Black @ The Rivoli, 8pm, $10.

Wintage Records & Tapes presents Paul Flaherty & friends, Man Made Hill, and Aaron Lumely/David Prentice @ Pete's Place (193 Dowling Ave., enter at rear), 9:30pm, $10. RSVP:

The Weybourne Project (CD release) w/ special guests @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $10. You get a free CD with admission.

Ladies Night presented by Entyse Entertainment feat. Mynt and Andrea Henry (Sugar Jones), $8 (adv, $10 door).

* Spiral Beach's Anti-Anti-Postering Show feat. Spiral Beach and guests w/ DJing by Daniel Woodhead and projections by Trevor Haldenby @ WhipperSnapper Gallery, 10:30pm, pwyc ($10 suggested). Proceeds will go to help pay off a HUGE fine Spiral Beach got for glueing posters to recycling bins.

SATURDAY (21 jun)

* Small City Saints and Andy Swan @ The Imperial Pub (54 Dundas St. E.), 9pm.

Melanie Joy w/ special guests @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, $5.

Throbbin Hoods, Jacques & the Shakey Boys, and Sleep Six @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Grand Parade @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

* $100 and Maria Kasstan @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Bob Wiseman and Ruth Minnikin @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 11:30pm, $tba.

The Weirdies (CD release) w/ guests @ Trash Palace (89B Niagara St.), 8pm, $5 (or $10 w/ CD).
Canteen Knockout and The Shovels @ The Cadillac Lounge, 8pm, $5.

The Framework @ The Mod Club, 10pm. E-mail to be on the guestlist. The Mod Club has a featured band each Saturday to kick off their dance party. I believe regular cover is $10, but bands have large guest lists.

Sitcom, The Cheap Speakers, Diamond Teeth, and Mike Costanzo (Instruments of Lust and Fury, solo) @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

Chris & Jess' Jack & Jill party feat. The Burnitdowns, Sons & Lovers, C-Sexshuns, and Vilipend plus other stuff @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne Ave.), 8pm, $5.

Arlene Bishop w/ Scott Dibble @ C'est What, 10pm, $7.

Base War 07 feat. Alias, TMDP, Vitaminsforyou, Dougie Boom, and The 84.85 @ Club Z (812 Dundas West.), 10pm, $7.

T.O. DIY Punk Vol. 1 Release feat. Hollywood Swank @ 12:30, Daily Times @ 11:30, The Terminals @ 10:30, and The Rusty Trombones @ 9:30. Lee's Palace, 9pm, $10 (incl. free CD).

Summer Solstice w/ Tiny Danza, Miles Jones, and Organic Funk @ El Mocambo (Upstairs), 9pm, $10.

* Ska Saves Lives Fest feat. Suspect, The Thundermonks, Dysfunct, Corporation, Run With The Kittens, The Miles, Phil Allister, The Good Times, Stop Drop N Skank, The Expos, One Night Band, and The Cheap Suits @ Kathedral, 4pm, $10. This is an all-ages show, and a fundraiser for Free the Children. There are some VERY good acts on this bill.

SUNDAY (22 jun)

Lazy Sunday Matinee feat. Karen La Rose @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 2:30pm, pwyc.

Michael Holt presents I Love Music! @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc.

Josh Van Tassell & Friends @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Sherry Ryan and Erika Werry @ Czehoski, 9pm.

Kat Goldman w/ Danny & the Holy Mountain @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, $5 (or pwyc).

Astrophysics for Fun @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, free.

Ramona Cordova, Francois Virot, and Griffin & the True Believers @ The Oxford Hotel (117 Oxford St.), 8pm, pwyc.

* Gather Round feat. Hamilton Trading Co. w/ Hush Money and Jeff Peers @ The Boat, 9pm, pwyc. This is the last Gather Round at the Boat.

* Wavelength 418 feat. Shapes & Sizes, Weird Wheels, and Ruby Coast @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc. Go see Ruby Coast!

The WoodChoppers Association @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10:30pm, pwyc.

Jack Mark and special guests @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

NXNE'ing (Friday afternoon).

On Thursday evening I met a guy with the Saved by Radio label out of Calgary, and he suggested I come to the BBQ they were co-hosting with Kelp Records (Ottawa) the next afternoon. Summerlad, a band I'd seen and liked at the Boat, were going to perform again at 1pm. So, having nothing better to do---other than work on my dissertation---I got myself out of the house and was at the BBQ by 1:20pm or so. Enough to catch a few songs by Summerlad, chat with Paul, have a free hotdog, meet some people, and enjoy four more bands. (I left at around 4:30pm, so I could take a bit of a break before a big night out.) It was great fun.

Summerlad. Again. Good alternative sort-of experimental rock. Not what I'd choose to listen to all the time, but definitely a group and a sound I can get behind.Next, Andrew Vincent played a few tunes solo, and was then joined by "the Pirates" (Scott Terry and Bryan Curry). Andrew told us the group hadn't played together or practiced in two years. It didn't seem to matter. They were great! The audience inside the small place grew. Clearly, the musicians and other folk there knew this band from before and were thrilled to see them play again. The threesome looked like they were having a good time, too.
I like Andy Swan's recorded material, but---though he plays in town regularly---I had yet to see him. So this was a treat! He and his band were lovely, more upbeat than I imagined. They closed with "Can I Pay You With Sunshine." Awesome. I was make a point for sure of seeing him again.Junior Pantherz followed. I gotta say that I'd never heard of this band before. They are young and energetic rockers from the Prairies. After a couple songs they had me. I would like to see them again, in a proper venue. They'd put on a good live show for sure.The last group of the afternoon (for me) was Rhume, a crazy band with more experience (read: age) than most of the groups I see here in Toronto. Not really my kind of thing, but I was pretty distracted by their singer, worried about being fallen on to, or having fake blood spilled on me. Ick. Everyone else seemed to eat it up though. It was fun, but other than the costume, unmemorable for me. The thing in his hand is a fake meat cleaver. It was Friday the 13th, after all.Crappy photos, I know. Bah. I'm new at this, ok? I still need to recap Friday night---seven more bands/performers. (Hot Springs, Oh No Forest Fires, Great Lake Swimmers, Brad Casey, Lorrie Matheson, The Diableros, and the Pack A.D.!!!) I'm loving every minute of NxNE. Except for this wristband. I can't wait to take it off. Driving me crazy.

Friday, June 13, 2008

NxNE'ing (Thursday).

I'm in the thick of North by Northeast this week(end). I finished up my conference paper yesterday then celebrated by starting things on early with an in-store performance by Two Hours Traffic at Sonic Boom. What a cute bunch they are! Four young guys from PEI who play upbeat, folky indie pop. Right up my alley. Mike was there, too.Next up for me was The Boat, to catch The Unsparing Sea, a Cleveland band who had never played Toronto before. They were wacky . . . in a good way. There was an electric cello, a saw (a serious instrument in this band), a trumpet player/percussionist who had cymbals and an extremely large "stop" sign, and then the regular stuff. Neat. The saw player (?) got up during one of the songs and tapped dance for us in the crowd. I didn't totally get it, but it was fun.After their set I grabbed a bite to eat at Big Fat Burrito, then went back to the Boat to hear most of Summerlad's set. These seasoned rockers (as KH put it) are in Toronto from Calgary, and I must admit that it was Aaron's guitar/bass combo instrument that first caught by attention. I just had to go up front to listen and look. Check it out! They played largely instrumental, somewhat experimental rock, but with some catchy tunes thrown in the mix. Seem like they probably have a following, but didn't draw a bit crowd for this set. And, yeah, the lights at the Boat at red, and only red. Hence the photos.The 10 o'clock spot at the Boat was taken up by a Regina band called Rah Rah. They didn't completely rah rah me (sorry) but I liked them. My guess is that they draw bigger crowds in Saskatchewan. They had a good sound and looked the part of indie musicians.The highlight of the night for me---and the reason I'd decided to stake out the Boat early in the evening---was the Rural Alberta Advantage. I love this group, and their new album, "Hometowns," is all kinds of fantastic. I can listen to it on repeat over and over again. They are such a great band to watch live, too. The Boat was packed for their set, and some of my friends had to line up for a long time to make it in. It was nice to see them again. (I think funky monitors were making the drummer a bit cranky. Maybe.) And this is what happens when I use my flash.I didn't stay at the Boat for the midnight slot. I've seen Modernboys Moderngirls before, and enjoyed them, but wanted to see Great Bloomers again. They were just up the street, at Supermarket, so it was no problem getting there in time. Early, in fact. Frank did the same trip up the street, and Bob and other people I knew were already there. (I'd just missed an amazing performance by Amos the Transparent, I was told. Drat!) Great Bloomers are a solid band with good songs in the style that I like: folk-tinged indie pop rock. Here's a shot of 3/5 of the band.
My seventh and last band of Thursday (now Friday) was a group from Ireland, Angel Pier. They drew in people from the now disparate crowd at Supermarket during their set, but I was too tired to pay full attention. Too many bands, and too much chatting with people in between and during sets. They were good---I can tell you that much---and had matching white tape of their shirts. Well, not the drummer. The other three. See?I'm off to a NxNE-related picnic soon, to see more bands. I hope to take a bit of a break later this afternoon before hitting up a bunch more shows. Let's hope it doesn't rain. That would suck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yay Sloan yay!!, part 2.

CS and I went to see Sloan Tuesday night. It's now a thing that we do: go see Sloan perform in small venues for not a lot of money. This time it cost us exactly $0, not including tokens to get to the venue. The first time we did this it was their show at Supermarket during CMW. That was such a fun night. This time around, Sloan played a few songs in front of a live audience at Tattoo Rock Parlour for a taping of a "Live @ The Orange Lounge" concert. I got us free passes from Chromewaves. We showed up, lined up for a while, got our photo taken with a guy promoting some Mazda music video game, and went inside. First up was Will Currie & the Country French, who are good if not totally up my alley. CS really enjoys them, so she was super pleased. They played 4 songs, and the small crowd was appreciative but clearly waiting for the main act.

Sloan! So good, so hot. They really know how to put on a good show even at a weird event like this. The foursome (plus Greg, their keyboardist, whom I'd seen not so long ago) played 4 songs, then left the stage before coming back to perform 4 more. The songs were mostly new ones, off their record "Parallel Play," parts of which I've been enjoying. The crowd was in a good mood, and got excited when Sloan performed some of their older hits to end the night. So? It was fun, well worth going to see. And now I've been to Tattoo. Not a bad little place, if strange. (You can get a tattoo if you're bored of the music.)

Before the show we had a lot of very tasty sushi at Sushi on Bloor. And afterwards we walked along West Queen West and I bought myself a wristband for NxNE. Yipee! Now I've got to get back to my conference paper.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tiki Room.

Monday night I went to the Tranzac to see Hamilton Trading Co. and Anna Linda Siddall perform in the Tiki Room. I'd never been to that particular spot before. Everything was lovely, and a nice way to pass the time. After HTC's set was done, a few of us went to the open mic happening in the Southern Cross Lounge (the front room), and heard some more music. Some of it was really great; some of it less so. It was raining, so at the very least being inside kept me dry. I biked home and arrived just in time to miss the enormous thunderstorm. Yikes.

It's past 4am and for some unknown reason I find myself not tired. Well, no point going to sleep yet then.

Monday, June 09, 2008

"Light thunderstorm."

This is what the Weather Network is calling current conditions in Toronto. Strange.

Can a thunderstorm be "light"? Weird.

Boom. Summer.

On Friday it was suddenly summer. And not the 23 and sunny degrees variety, but the 33 degrees and sunny variety. Hot damn. It's been all kinds of hot and sweaty since then. Not that I'm complaining. Remember how it was -20 a few months ago? The haziness has sapped some of my energy, but I've been busy since Thursday.

The California guy came for the weekend. We had a nice time, but I knew it was wrong. We will be friends from now on. He's awesome, but I am in love with Toronto and my priorities are here. It's a bit sad, I'm glad to have it decided.

I need to write a conference paper this week. I wish I had more inclination to work.

I'm gonna go see Sloan on Tuesday at Tattoo (for free!). The passes to that came today in the mail.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Indie Music 39.

Like this list? Join my Google Group to get my weekly Toronto indie music listings.

Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

Last Wednesday I saw The Human Statues and Woodward Company at the Boat. Two very different bands who put on good shows. WWCO was especially interesting. On Thursday I went out to Wrongbar for Boxes & Bags (!!) and Foxfire, and what a fun night that was. Seriously entertaining. On Saturday I danced a bit to the Dress Whites (solid, catchy indie pop-rock) and The Darcys, whom I rather liked though there were some rough spots (for me). It was so hot at Rancho---and the Boat during Goin' Steady---that night. Ouff.

This week(end) the city will be taken over by NxNE. I'm not even going to try to list what's happening, except the associated in-store performances. I hear it's a great festival. See the website (with awkward band schedule) for full information: Wristbands are $30 or so. Luminato continues this week. And there's also the Better Reasons Fest at the Tranzac, a pwyc fundraiser series featuring some great local acts. Those shows are listed below. There's a bunch of other stuff to do, so that it's not actually that hard to skip out on NxNE entirely if you so choose.

On this week's podcast, available at and on iTunes as well, we featured songs by Hamilton Trading Co., Jadea Kelly, The Magic, The Pack A.D., Timber Timbre, and Hooded Fang. Take a listen if you're so inclined. We promise more oompff next week . . . it was just too damn hot today.

MONDAY (9 jun)

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie & Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Elvis Mondays presents PURRR, zhowndz, Ola Rocks, The Best, Steve Singh, and The People of Canada @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Shoeless Monday feat. Left For Zero @ 11:15, Chris Miller @ 10:15, and Little Foot Long Foot @ 9:15. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Mary Kastle and Christa Couture @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

* Marsupial Mondays presents Hamilton Trading Co. and Anna Linda Siddall @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 8pm, $5.

Michael-Angelo, Alex Woodrow, Samantha Martin, and Alysha Brillinger @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, pwyc.

TUESDAY (10 jun)

Reiner Schwarz ("public practice") w/ Steve Whitehouse & Paul Teglas @ The Gladstone Art Bar, 8pm, pwyc.

Red Dons, The Estranged, and World War I @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $8.

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. We Are Balboa @ 11:40, Ravens & Chimes @ 10:50, Deep Dark Woods @ 10:00, and David Martel @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free. Could be very good.

Great Aunt Ida, Jane Gowan, Mary Harmer, and Cam Giroux @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Howard Gladstone, Tony Quarrington, Sue & Dwight (w/ Shelley Coopersmith) @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

* Angel Pier, Still Life Still, Key Witness, and Carnival Moon @ The Boat, 8pm, pwyc. Help Elaine from KW and CM celebrate her birthday!

Jadea Kelly (CD release) @ The Dakota Tavern, 9:30pm, $6. Sweet country-folk-pop at a great little venue.

WEDNESDAY (11 jun)

James Murdoch @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

PWYC Weds feat. The DGB, Zel'a Hype, and The Cheap Speakers @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, pwyc. The CP, at the moment an all-male foursome, promise a set of good indie rock.

Andy Swan, David Como (Sing Leaf), and Rebel Flowers @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Aleks & the Ramps (from Australia) w/ Gravity Wave, Quantum Physique, and Vesper Hours @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Burnitdowns, Single File to Freedom, and Larry & His Flask @ Blue Moon, 9pm, $5.

Alexandra Ribera @ Clinton's, 8pm, $10.

Team Mixed Berries ... JAM! Presents Jammin' for the Cure feat. The General Staff w/ The Dave Ward Band and Ben Sings Songs @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5. Proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Christina Martin, Shobha, and Matt Charlton @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

Tambourine Magazine presents TIMA Showcase feat. Janine Farragher, Russell Leon Band, Sadie May Crash, Spies, Earthtone, and Lori Nuic @ The Annex Wreck Room, 7:30pm, $7. (I don't know the order of performances.)

Centromatic @ 10:30 and The M's @ 9:15. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $9 (adv, $10 door).

THURSDAY (12 jun)

The Vibrants (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 1pm, free.

The Vicious Guns (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 2pm, free.

keepin6 (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 3pm, free.

Sabrina Korva (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 4pm, free.

STAND (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 5pm, free.

David Martel (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 6pm, free.

The John Henrys (in-store) @ Criminal Records, 6pm, free.

Two Hours Traffic (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 7pm, free.

* The Two Koreas (EP release) w/ DJs Jamal and Ian @ The Beaver, 11pm, free. The band plays at midnight. You can pick up a copy of the vinyl for $10.

Chris Cawthray Trio @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Terror Lake, Buckets Of, and Dwarf Star @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

* Out of this Spark presents The Better Reasons Fest feat. Forest City Lovers, The Magic, and Evening Hymns @ Tranzac (Main Hall), 8pm, pwyc. Proceeds from the festival will go to "Sketch, a Toronto based organization which creates art making opportunities for young people who live street-involved and homeless or who are considered to be at risk." See

The River Pilots w/ Michael Holt @ The Central, 8pm, $6.

The Sherbourne Canons (debut) and Man In White @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm.

Macro Fiesta @ The Unicorn, 9pm.

Homostupids, U.T.I., So Cow, and Never Trust @ The Batcave (393 Margueretta), 7pm, $8. BYOB, but no glass bottles.

FRIDAY (13 jun)

David Martel (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 1pm, free.

Miss Derringer (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 2pm, free.

Triple Cobra (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 3pm, free.

Trigger Effect (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 4pm, free.

This Is Radio Freedom (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 5pm, free.

Fernando Saunders (in-store) @ Sunrise Records, 6pm, free.

Calm Down It's Monday, Old Man Luedecke, Shotgun Jimmie feat. Attack in Black, The Superfantastics, and Mardeen (in-store) @ Criminal Records, 5pm, free.

Hot Springs (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 6:30pm, free.

The Two Koreas (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 7pm, free.

David French, Jordan O'Connor, Nick Fraser, and guests @ The Rex, 6:30pm, pwyc.

The Skeets and Clay Pigeons @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Michelle Hell, John Zytaruk, Collette Savard @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

The Foolish Things @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, free.

Nite Market @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Fuzzy Logic Recordings presents The Better Reasons Fest feat. Lily Frost, Prarie Cat (backed by the Bicycles), Scraps from Boil Street, Laura Barrett, and Peter Project @ Tranzac (Main Hall), 8pm, pwyc. Proceeds from the festival will go to "Sketch, a Toronto based organization which creates art making opportunities for young people who live street-involved and homeless or who are considered to be at risk." See

Air Vibrations (interactive DJ night) @ The Gladstone Art Bar, 9pm, free.

Saint Dirt Elementary School @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Slow News Day, Daysleeper, Remote Wonder, and Sylvene @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, $6.

SATURDAY (14 jun)

The Nymphets, So Cow, and The Weirdies @ Trash Palace, 2pm (early show).

Monotonix (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 3pm, free.

Mannequin Men (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 4pm, free.

Starvin Hungry (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 5pm, free.

Julie Doiron (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 6pm, free.

The Pack A.D. (in-store) @ Criminal Records, 6pm, free.

* Blocks Blocks Blocks Recording Club presents The Better Reasons Fest feat. Kids on TV, Nif-D, The Phonemes, Tradition, and Matias Rozenberg @ Tranzac (Main Hall), 5pm, pwyc. Proceeds from the festival will go to "Sketch, a Toronto based organization which creates art making opportunities for young people who live street-involved and homeless or who are considered to be at risk." See There's also a BBQ starting at 5pm.

Avesta Makhaei @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

Timber Timbre, Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum, Whatever Jailer, and Hills of Head Waters @ The Oxford Hotel (backyard), 8pm, pwyc.

The Weather Station, Dark Bird, and Antler @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Kasper, Deadbeat Dads, and Diamond Teeth @ Mitzi's Sister, 9:30pm, pwyc.

Owen Steel and The Wayside Ramblers @ The Local, 9pm.

Wintage Records & Tapes presents Slither, Fossils, Roman Pilates, and tba @ Pete's Place (193 Dowling Ave., enter at back), 9:30pm, $6.

A Concert For Sally ( boston terrier rescue ) feat. Julia Set Generator, The Matavaras, and Scobo @ Smiling Buddha, $7.

SUNDAY (15 jun)

Sisters of Sheynville @ The Rex, noon.

Sunday Brunch feat. Clela Errington w/ Jocelyn Barth and Luke Roberts @ Gate 403, noon-3pm, pwyc.

Ivy Mairi, Anne Bourne, and Tornstartssbandht @ St. Andrew by-the-Lake, 4pm, pwyc.

The Backstabbers String Band @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 5pm, free.

The Travelling Band @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 8pm, free.

Gordon's Acoustic Living Room @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, free.

* Michael Holt presents I Love Music! feat. African (and Andean) music w/ Waleed Abdulhamid, Tyler Kerr, and The All-White-Afrobeat-Enthusiasts (Todd Porter, David French, Neil Whitford, Chris Banks, Reade Ollivier, and Michael Holt) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc.

Gather Round feat. Owen Steel w/ Hamilton Trading Co. and David O'Connor @ The Boat, 9pm, pwyc.

* Wavelength 417 feat. $100, Hooded Fang, and Fraser Gielen @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc.

Les Singes Bleus w/ Katie Murphy @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Anhai and Doug Tielli @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10:30pm, pwyc.

Aaron Allen, The Small City Saints, Andy Swan, and Lunch Meat @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm.

* NxNE After Party feat. Dinosaur Bones, Grand Analog, The Superfantastics, and Hollerado @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5. (Or free with a festival pass.)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Distracted. Entertained.

I still haven't written my conference paper! Eeek. I have to do it soon.

I keep getting distracted by errands and the internet and talking with CS and then going out. Tonight I went down to the Horseshoe to catch The Human Statues. They were pretty fun, energetic, and highly entertaining; I'm glad that I went to see them perform. A new friend of mine (JW) was in the audience, right up at the front where I like to be. Clearly, we are meant to be friends. During the last band's set---Woodward Company---I spotted a friend from school in the crowd. Fun. After the show JW and I talked to some of the musicians and each other and some random older guy at the bar. The hour got later. I had hoped to be home by 12:30. Instead, I got home after 2am. Oops. And it's now approaching 3am.

I rather enjoyed Woodward Company. They seem young and I think they've got something. At times the music was a bit too standard rock, but there were moments of interest and variety. Reminded me of Tokyo Police Club at times. They are talented and not bad looking. I wish them well; maybe they'll evolve into something slightly better and go somewhere. That'd be cool.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not especially productive.

I have not been especially productive today, and I wasn't yesterday either. I generally don't want to do my work. But I love doing the indie stuff. This is not what I've been paid to do. And not what I must do. I wish I was better able to concentrate on the work I have to do. But it's my own fault for basically just not doing it.

It's always easier to do the small, quick things than it is to do the big, long-term, difficult things. Checking websites, answering e-mails, and running errands tends to take priority over the important stuff. Ah well. I'll get my act together at some point.

I better.

It was raining today. Maybe that can be my excuse for not feeling overly motivated. Laundry and a few other things was all I could handle, right?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Podcast 2 is up!

You have to choose Podcast 2 from the player by clicking the next song icon at the top of the page.

Tell me what you think.

Musical Sunday.

Ouff. I've had quite the weekend of being out and about, usually at shows. But including lots of eating with friends. I had a few hours of feeling not fabulous, but snapped out of it. I've realized that I can't be left alone in my apartment for too long. I start to go crazy.

Last night I went to Wavelength at Sneaky Dee's, and had a great time. The two bands that played were both good/great, and The Youngest was lovely. I especially liked No Gold---wow, so much fun! Oh, and Tyler Wade and I recorded our podcast Sunday afternoon, after my brunch with a couple of lovely historians, and before I dashed off to the Tranzac to see/hear Michael Holt and friends.

Greg MacDonald and Jay Ferguson from Sloan were there; Greg joined International Falls up on stage, playing guitar for their first song. (I've seen Jay out at shows before, so this wasn't a total surprise. It took me seeing Greg with Jay to realize why I recognized him [Greg].) IF's set involved a lot of switching of instruments between band members. They were pretty fun, like standard young indie pop, but not in a bad way. Actually, in a way that you rarely hear. I enjoyed them.

I'm a bit sore all over. Nothing serious. I think just my being out and about, dancing, standing, biking, walking . . . it's taking a toll.

Indie Music 38.

Like this list? Join my Google Group to get my weekly Toronto indie music listings.

Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

You know that I update these listings throughout the week, eh? If you get this by e-mail, feel free to check the website later in the week for more up-to-date listings.

Listen to the accompanying podcast (the second one). It should be up soon!

Summer festivals are getting underway, and lots of them have a musical component even if they are not focused on music. Luminato
gets started this week, and includes some free events; soundaXis has free musical happenings; and the Waterfront Blues Festival has free shows too, 6-8 June.

Last week I spent a nice Sunday night with Hamilton Trading Co., saw a couple acts at the Nu Music Nite at the Horseshoe (The i Spies, and Les Gars), and went to Zygiella 4, which featured four more bands I'd yet to see. All goods shows. And Friday night I saw a play and went to Yacht Rock at the Boat. That was awesome. I heart the Boat. So I went again on Saturday for Fun'Real, a new dance party. Sunday saw me at the Dakota Tavern (Bluegrass Brunch), Tranzac (Michael Holt et al.), and Wavelength. So much goodness.

This week Thursday looks like the best night to go out, or stay home because you can't decide. As usual, there's something good to do every night. I'll probably hit up the Drake and Wrongbar on Thursday. Otherwise, I haven't decided yet what I'm doing all week.

MONDAY (2 jun)

Reiner Schwarz ("public practice") w/ Steve Whitehouse, Paul Teglas, and others @ The Gladstone Art Bar, 7:30pm, pwyc.

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie and Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Shoeless Monday presents The Lesson @ 11:15, Jay Monara @ 10:15, and Theta State @ 9:15. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Elvis Mondays presents Purr, Boxes & Bags, Weather Making Challenge, The People of Canada, and The Synaesthetic @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Mark Perak and The Heartbroken Souls @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Glass Tomb, Braiincloud, and Toddler Body (debut) @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, pwyc.

Marsupial Mondays presents Mantler and Andy Swan @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 9pm, $5.

Eyes on Toronto (live taping) feat. The Sunparlour Players @ The Gladstone, 8pm, $10.

TUESDAY (3 jun)

Ivy Mairi and The Paper Makers @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Noise Tuesdays presents Hunting Rituals, Michael Keith, and Jack Vorvis w/ DJ Heavywater @ Not My Dog, 9:30pm, pwyc.

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Sean Ashby @ 11:40, Hey Rosetta (CD release) @ 10:50, The Painted Birds @ 10:00, and Motion Picture Ending @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Ronley Teper & Her Lipliners and Krista Hartman @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Pink and Black presents Corporation and Happy Accidents @ The Bovine, 9pm, free.

Kristin Lagasse and others @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Plastics Inc. w/ The Spooky ScareCrows and tba @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Spires That In The Sunset Rise and Barnyard Drama @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $10.

GoodSoundsGood presents Moulann, The Human Statues, and Sachin Sharma @ Supermarket, 9pm, $6.

Seawolf and The Jealous Girlfriends @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $10.


The Saffron Sect, Prince Rama Of Ayodhya, and Teeth Mountain @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Harvest Chant and Justin Chee @ Renaissance Cafe, 8pm, pwyc.

Saint Dirt Elementary School @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc. The band is also playing the Tranzac during the Festival on Bloor on Sunday at 6:30pm.

PWYC Weds feat. Alanna Brown, Carnival Moon, and The Printing Press @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, pwyc.

Local Alternative feat. Woodward Company @ 11:40, The Human Statues @ 10:50, Hawthorne @ 10:00, and Marta Paceck @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $4.

Steve Singh, Allie Hughes, and Fait Dormi @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, $5.

The Mike Erb Trio (CD release) w/ Brian MacMillan @ C'est What, 9pm, $6.

New Music Night feat. Falling Trees, Minus the Royals, and Shoot the Camera Man @ Clinton's, 7:30pm, $5.

Carney, Lesley Pike, and Melissa Dalton @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, free w/ CD ($12) or $5/pwyc. Carney will also be playing at Graffiti's on the 5th, $5/pwyc.

TIMA Showcase feat. Dave Borins, Layah Jane, Shelly Rastin, Patrick Dune (band), Marshall Dane (band), and Arlene Bishop @ The Annex Wreck Room, 7pm, $7.

Snorri Iceland Benefit feat Infighter, Lindy, Deathstyle, Sigrun Stella, more @ The Mod Club, 9pm, $8.

THURSDAY (5 jun)

Michael Laderoute and Rob Fenton @ The Cameron House (Front Room), 6pm.

Paul Metcalfe Trio @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Michelle Rumball's Beauty Saloon w/ Michael Holt and Ben Sures @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc.

Sandro Perri, Party Time, and Church & State @ Tranzac (Main Hall), 10pm, pwyc.

Foxfire, Boxes & Bags, and DJ Shit la Merde @ Wrongbar, 9pm, free. Foxfire will be recording a live EP. I'm ending my evening here.

Brock Simpson @ Clinton's, 8:30pm, $7.

Jim Armstrong & Sonic Deli Band w/ Amer Diab @ The Cadillac Lounge, 9pm, $5.

HotBoxxx presents Deuterium @ 11:30, Vicious Fishes @ 10:45, Sope @ 10:00, Artful Vandelays @ 9:15, and A Self @ 8:30. Lee's Palace, 8pm, $5.

* Great Bloomers, Spookey Ruben, and Black Hat Brigade @ The Boat, 8:30pm (start time), $5. Apparently, "Spookey's Live band performance will be preempted by a world premiere video screening of 2 new episodes from [ExclaimTV presents:] Spookey Ruben's Dizzy Playground." And "alcoholic sno-cones (courtesy of Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream) will be on sale at this show too!"

Antler, $100, and Lisa Bozikovic @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 10pm, pwyc. Also good.

Proposterous, NikkisTrick, Fake Reality, and tba @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm.

These Electric Lives (Remix album release) w/ Seedy Ease, DJ Jr-Flo, and Vitaminsforyou @ The Drake Underground, $8. I'm starting my evening here.

Clara Lofaro w/ Peirson Ross @ The Rivoli, 8pm, $10.

Black Collar Thursdays feat. Chasing Mercury and Futures Past w/ DJ Stu Dead of Playdead @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

Numbers & Figures (final show), Sprinter, Five Blank Pages, and Ryan Karam @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5.

The Shout, The Low Heroes (debut), and Revolvers @ The Silver Dollar, 9pm, $5.

The Low Tides and The Handsome Devils @ Smiling Buddha, 9:30pm.

FRIDAY (6 jun)

Ronley Teper and Christine Bougie @ The Music Gallery (Outdoor Courtyard), 5pm, free.

The Gypsy Rebels @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Mossman's Rud, The Flying Eyes, Fire & Black, and The Ethers @ The Savannah Room, 9pm, pwyc. Proceeds to charity.

Mary Kastle and Christa Couture @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Ryan Driver Quartet @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Dave Rave and Bill Culp & The Memphis Cats @ Cadillac Lounge, 9pm.

Ape, Non-Existent, All But Over, and Poisonous Glass @ Clinton's, 9pm, $5.

Room Party feat. DJ Hi Mom w/ Pants & Tie (11pm set) and DJ Shit la Merde @ The Boat, 10pm, $5. They will be "giving away 'Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hi Mom'---A Room Party mixtape! Free at the door until they run out."

Must Stash Hat, Sweet As Today, and Tin Roof Rusted @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, free (before 10pm; $5 after).

James Clark Institute, Lauren Best & The Renegade Company, and Shaun Devlin @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, $5 or pwyc.

End Program (CD release), 68pornomags, and Clusterbombs @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $10 (incl. CD).

"The American Boogie Down" CD release party feat. Jerome Derradji, Paul E. Lopes, Patrick Paredes, and Lab.our Union @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $5 (before 11pm; $10 after).

The Northwest Division w/ The Salarymen @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $6.

* 3rd Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle (Night 1) feat. The Blue Demons, The Treblemakers, The Robots, The Calrizians, and The Aquaholics @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5.

Hatchetmen and tba @ C'est What, 10pm, $7.

The Harold Wartooth, The Synaesthetic, and Mercy Now @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $5.

Mastermind Productions presents Jane's Party and Jay Spectre @ The Annex Wreck Room, 7:30pm, $7.

Ash Lee Blade, Mad Parish, and Metalian w/ DJ sets by the Darth Virgos AL911 & Billy Geek @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

TO Afro World Music Dance Party! feat. Mr. Something Something @ 12:00, Kobotown @ 11:00, and Maracatu Nunco Antes @ 10:00. The Horseshoe Tavern, $10.

SATURDAY (7 jun)

Healing Power Picnic feat. HeavyWater, Misha Bower, All Under Heaven, Woolly Leaves, Almost Blueshine, The Element Choir, Isla Craig, Allison P/Linsay G/Amy L, Hoover Party, Louis Calabro, and Bruce Trail @ Coronation Park, 2pm, free.

Kensington Hillbillys @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Gillis Griffin Henderson @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

John Tielli Band and Paul Linklater @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Dave Mansell, Alison Burkett, and Sushiboy @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

Bellevue (CD release), Music Maul, and Jewelry Rat w/ DJs Jewels and Broken Arrow @ Smiling Buddha, $5 w/ CD.

* TWM 18 presents The Darcys, The Dress Whites, and An Offhand Rebellion @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5.

Matt Epp (CD release) w/ Kathryn Rose @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 8:30pm, $10.

Scotty Campbell & The Wardinaires and The Backstabbers Country Stringband @ Silver Dollar, 9:30pm, $10.

Zuku and The Hits w/ DJ Vania @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

High Art for the Low Down presents The Suicide Pilots, Please Stand By, Thrashards, and Snot Rohmit @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne), 9pm, $5.

* 3rd Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle (Night 2) feat. The Von Drats, The Treblemakers, The Eradicators, The Amino Acids, and Tabernacos Surfers, @ The Cadillac Lounge, 9pm, $5.

Bernie Senensky Trio and John Kameel Farah @ The Trane Studio, $10.

The Forgotten Rebels, The 3tards, The Drug Dealers, The Fudge Packers, BS101, and Awlt.Dig.Fuar @ The Kathedral, 6pm, $10. All ages show.

SUNDAY (8 jun)

SoundaXis in the Street (Pedestrian Sunday in Mirvish Village) feat. Basement Arms, Grant Hart (ex-Hüsker Dü), Sandro Perri & friends, Kingdom Shore, The Don Scott Quartet, The Allison Cameron Band, Eiyn Sof, Ayal Senior, and Nilan Perera @ Mirvish Village (Markham Street), noon-7pm, free. Fun!

Lazy Sunday Matinee w/ Olenka @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 2:30pm, pwyc.

High Art for the Low Down Hardcore Matinee feat. Cross and U.T.I. @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne), 3pm, $5.

Prodigal Sundays feat. The Backstabbers @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 5pm, free.

* Michael Holt presents I Love Music! (Jazz theme) feat. The H. M. Blea Jazz Combo (Michael Holt, Reade Olivier, Chris Banks, Christine Bougie, and Drew Jurecka) w/ Elizabeth Shepherd and Ben Gunning @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc. Music by Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, and more. This is a cool series.

Josh Van Tassell and friends @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Gather Round feat. Hamilton Trading Co. w/ tba @ The Boat, 9pm, pwyc.

* Wavelength 416 feat. Darkroom Theatre Project and Nifty, and AlphaBaby @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc. All the Wavelength shows look great this month.

Michael Louis Johnson @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10:30pm, pwyc.

Angel Pier (acoustic), Darryl (from Sunriser; acoustic), and MJ Cyr (from The Hots; solo) @ Neutral, 8:30pm, $tba.

Two Scoops, The Away Game, The Class Riot, and The Coconuts @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm, $5.

Styrofoam and Broken Spindles @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 8pm, $8.50.