Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grading is upon me once again.

I can no longer avoid it. Sigh. This is really the worst part of teaching/TAing. A shame, really, since students (hopefully) put so much effort into their written work. I always liked writing essays as an undergrad. Well, ok, I shouldn't say "liked writing essays" exactly, but the process of researching and producing an original piece of synthesis and analysis had its appeals. It was cool! Marking isn't so much.

But enough complaining. I have some good news: I just bought myself a ticket to see Les Misérables in New York! Someone told me I really had to see that one, so I am. (Who told me that? Does anyone remember?) This is definitely the season for shows for me, since I'm going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage here in Toronto on Friday night. (And I saw a musical in London, too.) On Sunday afternoon, perhaps after dim sum with some Massey friends, I'm taking in a concert of classical music. Really looking forward to that. It's happening at the Glenn Gould Studio, a place I've seen on TV but have never been to myself. And free tickets are totally my thing ;-).

Today I ran a few necessary errands in record time, stopped in to see FPW at Robarts Library---he's been bugging me to say hello for over a month now, and then accompanied SF and baby K to a reception at Hart House. A handful of historians were in evidence, and I got a wee bit affected by half a glass of wine.

My life for the next while will be all-grading, all-the-time. In-between concerts and lunches and meetings and talks and parties, of course. Oh, and checking of e-mail and favourite internet sites.

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