Sunday, March 04, 2007

My life, continued.

LG and I had dinner at a good Mexican place near campus and then took in a student production of Chekhov's "Vaudevilles." It was fairly entertaining and pretty well done. I enjoyed it. The evening ended a smidge oddly, but everything's fine now.

I am always amazed at the amount of stuff---primarily paper stuff---that accumulates in my room over time. Yesterday I spent hours going through paper (mail, receipts, flyers, things I've printed, etc.), organizing and filing away some of it, and recycling the rest. My room feels less cluttered but it's still not tidy! There are still clothes and books and bags on the floor. Sigh. I think I might do something about that shortly. And clean off my desk of electronic bits. I will feel better about working once the clutter is out of sight.

Last night I went to a friend's birthday party. MLH turned, ahem, "27." It was great fun, especially chatting with TC and all the historians. They really are an entertaining bunch. Even the one who is currently walking around with a cane as a fashion accessory. (Ridiculous and weird, but that's fine.) Many of my friends asked after you, FN. I made an MBA student justify his school and life choices to me, which he did willingly. I left satisfied that not all business types are bad people. Different from some of us, certainly, but not necessarily irretrievably bad. ;-) DS, as he is sometimes wont to do, talked to me about dating. As in, "Jen, have you considered Lavalife?" I know he's only looking out for me, but really, I have no need for men. I'm not going to spend time that I could otherwise be spending hanging out with fabulous FN (or my other excellent friends) on the off-chance that I might meet my male soulmate. You read this blog. Does is sound like I am depressed and in need of distraction?! I think not.

What's the plan for today? Nothing! How excellent. I might need to go buy food or something, but I'm definitely looking forward to just chillin'.

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