Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost her already.

Tonight (Friday night, that is), the coolest guy at Massey chose me as to take care of Elvisina, a female manikin bust acquired last year to keep Massey's golden Elvis bust company. Yes, this is bizarre. But that's not the point. The point is that it is my job to keep Elvisina and bring her around to Massey events. However, she's already been stolen from me! Some nefarious res or non-res fellow snatched her while I was dancing. A couple hours into the job, and I've already failed! [Thanks to TaV for the pic.]

Anways, back to less ridiculous occurrences. Thursday evening I took in a junior fellow lecture about quantum mechanics, which included such crazy (theoretical) topics as quantum cryptography and quantum bomb detonation, and entanglement. The lecturer did an excellent job because I left understanding what he'd been talking about, even though I have not taken a math or science course since high school.

This afternoon I went to the optometrist, and the good news is that I'm just as blind as I was before. Yay! So no need for new glasses. The doctor put these drops into my eyes which made my pupils bigger, and thus made light brighter. I had to wear this ridiculous dark plastic thing behind my glasses (like reverse clip-on sunglasses, but much stupider looking) as I walked along Bloor St. I ran into AG on the street and quickly whipped the thing off my face. But then it was too bright (even though we were standing in the shade) and I eventually had to put it back on. Ridiculous.

By 6:15pm I was at Massey, and didn't leave until about 3:20am. Massey was fun tonight. There is a good group of kids there. Not the most exciting people on the planet, but that's fine. (Heck, I'm not super exciting myself, so who am I to judge?) I partook in the dinner and the after-dinner conversation, witnessed the entertainment and the speeches, did some square-dancing---I was almost certainly the worst one on the dance floor, but whatever---and then went and chatted more until M (whose last name I don't know) walked me home. Oh, and handsome guy was there tonight and told me I should move in next year (!). No can do, but thanks for saying it ;-).

Now it is after 4am, and I must sleep. Happy Caturday, all! (To introduce you all to my new favourite website/blog. It made me laugh until I cried Wednesday night. No joke.)

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