Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More brainless work.

I've spent most of today---well, ever since I woke up at 3:20pm---making up my list of archival sources for my progress report. (The thing I'm sending my dissertation committee members before my annual meeting with them in a week.) It's boring, but good to take stock of what archives I've visited and which collections I still need to see. It reminded me that I may have to visit East Lansing, Michigan. I'm going to try and get around that. We'll see. At the moment, though, I have material from more than 20 archives!

In related news, I booked my flight to New York. I don't think I'm getting a good price, but I want to have that trip over with before the summer starts. Toronto is too much fun in the summer to spend too much of it away on research trips. And I haven't seen DN since August 2005, so it's definitely time to visit him and hear all about his awesome New York life.

On Sunday FN and I met up with one of her law-school friends and EC and AG for and afternoon Brunch on Bloor St. It was great fun, and nice to catch up with those fabulous people. EC came over later too to hang out for a bit. We chatted some more and played on the internet. (Hours of entertainment, that.)

Tuesday will see me leave the house for a bit of babysitting, followed by lecture (at which I will collect more essays to grade). If I'm up for it I may end my evening with a junior fellow lecture at Massey.

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