Friday, March 02, 2007

Four days home and still jetlagged.

This is very annoying. I've been trying to stay up each night, with some success, but I must say that in the evenings I rapidly get exhausted. I couldn't take it anymore last night and went to bed at 11pm. I mean, that feeling of super tiredness doesn't usually hit me until much, much later! I think it might be because I've been really quite busy for so many months without any proper time off. Travelling, sightseeing, archival research, and my busy work and social schedule in Toronto keeps me out and about most days. It's good, but it's tiring, I guess. (And yet I still don't manage to get that much work done.)

But enough complaining. After a beautiful morning yesterday it started to snow during my office hours. We had a mini blizzard in Toronto! Drivers couldn't handle it and started honking and just generally being rude and idiotic in the snowy conditions. Good thing I walk everywhere. Although it was a mite windy, it's not so cold when it snows, so walking wasn't so bad.

Speaking of office hours, they were really good yesterday! I had a steady stream of students for 2 and a quarter hours, and gave out what I think was good, solid advice. The students seemed to all leave the office more certain about their essays and what they needed to do next. I hope they still feel that way! Afterwards I chatted with another PhD student from my department in the hall, and then met a former student of mine. She and I chatted for a while, and it was nice to hear that she's been doing well, etc. (She was one of the good ones two years ago!)

Last night I went over the HD's for dinner. And then we trekked over to the pub to hang out with more historians. It was good to talk to people I hadn't seen in a long while, though I was pretty tired by then. Some of the MA students had good news to share with us. Congrats to them!

Today is another busy day. Student association meeting at noon, followed by more errands, and then I'm having dinner and going to see Chekhov's "Vaudevilles" with friend LG. Should be fun!

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E :) said...

Gawd. Busy times.

Send my love to HD too.