Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The past couple of days I think I've been talking too much. And just generally being too much. I think it's time for a little retreat. Time to go into hiding for a bit. Ok.

Yesterday I was walking with LG---we ran into each other at Massey and walked to our respective destinations together---when we passed another Masseyite. Said Masseyite saw me first (I waved and smiled, as usual) and gave me the usual acknowledgment. But the next instant he saw LG and this elicited a large smile and excited "hi!" Harrumph. And earlier in the day I think I annoyed/was rude to a couple friends. Sigh. And then later I sent LG three different e-mails---they were legitimate ones---when I really should be leaving him alone to work. Grumble. I. must. stop. this. behaviour.

In a bid to appease the universe and get back in its good books I've just baked strawberry-bran muffins and will do some cleaning of the apartment today. Oh, and continue working.

And . . . working is much better now because I have a brand-new extra monitor to spread out my desktop on! I am loving it. Much recommended.

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