Sunday, March 11, 2007

"The Amphibian Man"!

Last night was so much fun! FN and I joined EC2 and a very tall German articling student for dinner in Baldwin Village before going to the AGO to take in an old Russian movie. The movie was pretty awesome. Highly recommended ;-).

Afterwards most of us---me, FN, historian-turned-law-student CLM, film critic/historian AT, EC2, Russianist MK---went for drinks at a couple different places. It's been a while since I've properly hung out with AT and CLM: they are too cute and too awesome. AT and the lawyers complained about lawyers; AT told us about his new TV job (!); MK got on famously with EC2 and another pretty girl; and I took it all in. FN and I dragged ourselves home at about 3:30am. Super fun. And to all those people I invited to come along who didn't: sucks to be you!

Sunday. Day of rest. I need it. But first, groceries. Oh, and I finished my stapling yesterday. Yay!

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