Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Running around.

House things take a lot of time out of my week. By "house things" I mean laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and tidying up, changing lightbulbs, etc. Plus personal stuff like banking and filling paper/mail and dealing with e-mail. It all takes a lot of time. And it's all the more noticeable now because for the most part I wasn't doing that stuff (to the same extent) in London.

Anyways, whatever. I'm not really complaining. It's just necessary for me to think about how I can not watch TV or movies, or listen to music, or do that much surfing of the internet and yet still not get much work done on any given day. Yes, I could be more efficient with my time, but not terribly more. Hmm.

Today was beautiful. Bright and sunny, and although the snow's mostly melted from the streets and sidewalks---good for walking places---it's still everywhere else. So pretty. I happily walked to school to hand in my reapplication to Massey, and then took the streetcar down to Kensington Market to stock up on a whole bunch of things. You know, it was nice to have 10 degree weather in London, but I think I missed snow. After a proper snowfall, the world seems clean and peaceful and happy. I like it. Let's just hope -5 degrees is here to stay, and it doesn't get much colder until next year!

There's lots to do tomorrow: attend seminar a friend of mine is giving (she doesn't know I'll be there); hold office hours for my students; have dinner with HD; make an appearance at pub night.

(As I write this, FN is watching "Babel," and it sounds, well, kinda hard to take. I quote from my living room: "Oh my goodness . . . I can't deal with this.")

In other news, I've been interestingly reading positive reviews of my supervisor's latest offering. How fun!

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Anonymous said...

Since when do you listen to music?!?!