Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe[']en!

Why do people not put the apostrophe in that word anymore? I was brought up spelling it with the punctuation mark, but it seems like it's perfectly correctly to leave it out nowadays.

Speaking of punctuation and all things writing, I finished grading yesterday and the papers got handed back in class this evening. I wasn't there---was at home, asleep---so I missed the crestfallen faces.

I am feeling better today than I have been the past few days. I am not over this nasty cold yet, but at least I can function again. This afternoon I went to school for a quick lunch at Massey and then after dropping the papers off at the prof's office I headed to tutorial. In the first one, two students came. In the second, three! I guess now that the students know what goes on in tutorial and have handed in their first assignment, they didn't see the need to come. I feel slightly unloved, but not really: can't take these things personally. The next tutorials---they are optional---will be the week the students are working on their next assignment, so I expect more bodies then.

Since I skipped out on lecture, I was home by 5pm even after I did some grocery shopping. And what a difference this makes in my Tuesdays! For the past several weeks I've been getting home at 10pm or later after long days of teaching or meetings, class lecture, and Massey lecture. It was nice to have a few hours to decompress. I do need to get cracking on work, but the long nap was definitely in order.

The internet has ceased to entertain me (for today) so I think I'll go read. And then tomorrow I should get a paper proposal done and get back to my dissertation . . . .

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Christine said...

Seriously Jen, I have witnesses, I was complaining about the lack of apostrophe use yesterday too. Hallowe'en is the correct spelling! Grrrrr!