Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Indie Music 3.

This week I don't have much for ya. I'm heading out of town for a few days, and a couple of my regular websites aren't up (yet?). You can check Eye Weekly and Now Toronto's show listings later in the week for more. Here's what I've managed to come up with. I really recommend heading down to the Boat (158 Augusta in Kensington Market) Wednesday night if you can. Should be a great show. And if any of you happen to be in Montreal this week, then go enjoy Pop Montreal!


Pitter Patter Nights #293, $5, the Boat. Featuring Hamilton Trading Co. w/ The Schomberg Fair, and Ladyfingers. This should be a fantastic show! Too bad I'm not in town. I'd definitely be there if I was around. Keith Hamilton is a big deal in the indie scene; he does the bookings for Pitter Patter Nights, and is a member of several bands. I saw Ladyfingers on Sunday at Sneaky Dee's, and he was great! (I dropped $10 for his CD after his set.) See more about NY-based Ladyfingers here.


No Shame at Tiger Bar (College at Lippincott, enter through the College St. Diner and go down the stairs to the basement), doors 9pm, $5. Bring ear plugs. Tonight's bands include Bells Clanging (from Vancouver), Brigitte, and Tin Can Telephone Service Circus System Board.


If you want to go dancing, check out Goin' Down The Road, the "all can-con dance party" at the Boat, $5.

Or, for music, Torontoist recommends William the Conquerer's CD release party, 9:00 p.m at Club 279 (above the Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge). "Ten dollars gets you in and gives you a copy of the EP." More here. I haven't been to this venue before . . . sounds perhaps un-indie-ish.

Definitely more up my alley is this show: The Incidentals, a good local indie band, are playing tonight too. At Teranga, a restaurant/bar in Kensington, 159 Augusta. I like these guys. And they're playing in a Senegalese restaurant! Sounds like fun.


Another dance part at the Boat, Back to the Future: Part 2. Or check out Shake A Tail at Stone's Place on Queen West, a 60s-70s themed dance party that is tons of fun, I hear. And I'm sure there's all kinds more happening, but it'll be easier to find this information out later in the week.


Wavelength at Sneaky Dee's, 10pm, pay what you can. Their website's not up yet, but some internet trolling turned up this lineup: Spy Machine 16 (from Guelph), The Winks (from Montreal), The Doers (from Vancouver), + DJ Kelsey Grammer. Sounds like this will be a good show---I might go unless I'm exhausted from travelling back to Toronto. If you go, definitely bring ear plugs. It can get loud at Sneaky's.

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