Friday, October 19, 2007

Some complaints.

My life is feeling quite full as usual, and I'm still not getting much done. So, rather than bore you with the details of my days---though pub night last night was fun!---let me do something different (yet not different at all): complain.

1. A friend from out of town came and visited with her partner a while back. They stayed a night. I was happy to accommodate them, and provide them with clean sheets and towels. I like these people. But I would have liked for them to offer to pay for one of the following expenses I incurred while with them: dinner, breakfast, coffee. Maybe they do things differently in Europe. I feel every so slightly used by them, and this makes me grumpy when I remember it.

2. The Spoon concert was fine, and I had a good time. But I've had much better and more memorable times at $5 and pwyc shows at small venues where I didn't know the bands and knew very few people in the crowd. Maybe large-venue live shows just aren't my thing, but I am slightly disgruntled that I paid so much to see Spoon. It wasn't worth the expense. Not at all.

3. A friend of mine was mugged nearby the other day. And I was mugged a couple years ago nearby too. This makes me angry. What is wrong with people? I guess some of them are just assholes, as that guy on Torontoist likes to say.

4. My parents aren't having much luck selling their C'town house. And while it sits on the market, my dad and dog are out there, sans my mom, who is in Ottawa. I want the house to be sold soon so that the family will be reunited! My dad is fine, and Xena loves the beach, but still.

5. Why is there not enough time in my life to do things that everyone needs to do---grocery shop, prepare and eat food, sleep, do laundry---plus do school work, teach, do extra-curricular school stuff, and have a bit of a social life. I'm going to have to cut out social life if I can't get work done. Because seriously.

Ok, that's it for now.

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