Monday, October 01, 2007

Wavelength 382.

Last night Masseyite SM and I checked out Wavelength 382 at Sneaky Dee's. Wavelength is a weekly, Sunday night indie music show at the College/Bathurst venue. I'd been once before---to see my friends we're scared and young Llions. This time I didn't know much about the featured bands.

After grabbing some pizza at Massimo's we showed up just in time for Ladyfingers, a one-man NY-based act. And, wow! Great stuff. The guy is quite the character. We went to talk to him after his set, and discovered that he's playing a few more shows in Toronto this week. I recommend seeing him at the Boat this Wednesday. His set alone is well worth the price of admission ($5). I even gave up $10 to buy his CD.

Next up was Elbow Beach Surf Club, a group from Guelph. They played more standard indie fare, and I enjoyed them. SM and I found my friend GK in the crowd after their set, so we chatted in the back until the next act came on. The night ended with Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs, who were expectedly awesome. Their high energy folk rock with great instrumentation and a good on-stage vibe was a real treat to take in. After a couple shows some of the guys dancing alongside us in the front row grabbed their instruments (baritone sax, trumpet, trombone) and joined the band on stage. I will definitely plan on seeing this group again.

What a great evening!

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