Saturday, October 27, 2007


I'm sick, I can't sleep, and I still haven't graded those damn papers. My whole body is aching and I don't like it. Boo. And all the drugs don't seem to be working, unless I'd be feeling worse without them.

So, Friday was mostly a bust. I got very little sleep Thursday night and then had to wake up early for a meeting of our student society. The meeting was good but the behaviour of a certain someone was rather shocking. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but who knew? However, I think some good things were said at the meeting, and we've now got a new blog. I hope it makes a positive difference in our community. Time will tell.

Oh, but there is some more good news: I am almost done putting together a semi-annual report for my dissertation committee. I decided to do this today, and it hasn't taken long, but I think it will be a useful document for my profs to have. I am telling them what I've been up to since April, giving them my chapter outline, discussing the chapter I'm working on now, and including a bibliography of secondary sources (to complement for bibliography of primary sources I sent them in April). Hopefully it will make them happy. If not, there's nothing I can do. Not until I've finished this chapter.

But now back to me and my woes. Ugh. Pain.

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Featherina said...

grrr... now i wish that i had gone to the meeting instead of working on my latin translation... i want gossip! LOL.