Saturday, October 20, 2007

A night of CD releases.

Last night I was to be found at the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West for the Five Blank Pages's CD release party. And it was great fun! The music was awesome, and the crowd---for the most part---was good. I arrived solo and made small talk with some guy for a bit before heading up to the front of the stage to take in Infighter. I enjoyed the set, and was called out for my coolness for standing front and centre. Near the end of the set I spotted CG2 off to the side of the stage. After more than an hour at the place, finally someone I knew arrived. Once the set was done we ran into JF, EH, and MB just as they were arriving.

Next up was the FBP, celebrating the release of "Last Blush," their first full-length album. (Read a review of the new disc here.) For last night's show, the band played some of the songs from their new disc accompanied by friends on trumpet, cello, violin, and trombone. It was a nice touch. And everyone on stage and off---well, I could only see the people on either side of me in the front row---seemed happy.

The highlight of the night for friends EH and MB was the final act, Tin Bangs. These guys are great performers and put on an energetic show. (And, you know, it doesn't hurt that the singer is easy on the eyes.) EH for sure wants to see them again; they are playing at the Bovine next month. The band was also releasing a disc with a few songs on it, and had free EPs on hand to give out. I haven't had a listen yet, but I do like free stuff. Again, I was front and centre, and managed to avoid getting water spilled on me or being whacked by a guitar. ;-)

The night ended late---got home at quarter after three---but it was a fun evening out. I met some cool musician-type people, and got to hang out with a few others I'd met before. And I did my best to avoid drunkenness and embarrassment, and think I mostly succeeded.

Today FN and I are hosting a dinner party for a few friends. We've been cooking for hours already, so now it's time for a wee break. I think I need to eat more chocolate. I think in general I need to eat more chocolate. Yes.

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