Sunday, October 07, 2007

C'town adventures in pictures.

I am now safely back in Toronto. I had a nice time in Charlottetown with my dad and Xena, our dog. [To the left is a photo of my parents' house. Yes, it's bright yellow with dark blue trim. So cute.] Although I wasn't feeling the best, we still got up to some fun adventures. We walked all over the town, found foxes at my dad's golf course, picked apples in the country, strolled along a boardwalk and a windy beach, and spotted tourists just off an enormous cruise ship checking out "the birthplace of Confederation." Here are a whole bunch of photos, many of them featuring the best looking member of our family ;-).

Xena, barking at me to stop taking her photo and start petting her.The weather was gorgeous the first few days I was there. Here I am walking through a park on Thursday afternoon.We were entertained by this car, owned by Haha!
Government House, where the lieutenant governor for the island lives.We played in Victoria Park. Xena loves chasing after sticks.One of many lovely vantage points. The town is to the left.Later that day my dad and I drove over to his golf course to, um, look for foxes. And we found some. It's sad that a few of them are so tame that people can get up close to them. But I can't help being a little happy about it, because they are the cutest things ever. Ever. To wit:
On Friday we drove to the country to pick apples. But, more importantly, we met a nice dog at the orchard. His name is Wraith.And then to Brackley Beach. Xena went swimming. Her humans did not.On Saturday I wasn't feeling too well, but we did make it out to the University of Prince Edward Island---not much happening there---and then home to a yummy pre-Thanksgiving dinner. We ended the evening with "Ghostbusters." Such a good movie.

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