Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Touring, teaching, talking.

I know I spend a lot of time here complaining about my inability to find time to dissertate. And, well, here I go again.

Sunday was nice because travelling back to Toronto wasn't difficult. I helped some German tourists figure things out on the TTC---it's so confusing if you don't live here and use the system regularly---then spent a few hours helping my parents (on the internet, one of my specialties ;-) and catching up with friends. Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, I met up with YT and CLM for a late sushi dinner.

On Monday I spent most of the day reading for class, and waited for out-of-town friends to arrive. They finally got here at 8pm, and we went to dinner straightaway.

My friends stayed the night and then it was up early and out of the house again for breakfast and a few hours of me doing the tour-guide thing. I showed them a bit of the Annex, past the ROM, through campus, and then down to Chinatown and Kensington Market. I had a good time (despite the dreary weather); I hope they did too! I had to leave them at Moonbean Café to go teach in the afternoon. Did that, went well. And then I spent an hour with historians in the department before heading off to lecture. (I go to the lecture for the class for which I TA.) Afterwards, I spent a bit more time with a couple historians talking about life and school work. Then it was time to hit up the grocery store to get some food for the week. Got home at 8:30pm. Long day for me.

So, although not all days are of course like this, when I say that it can be hard to find time to dissertate, I do not lie! And tomorrow it's more appointments and meetings, followed by dinner with other out-of-town friends. Thursday's super busy too. But Friday I will dissertate.

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