Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy bday to me!

I started really writing my dissertation during the small hours on Thursday. And . . . yay . . . but, also, now to need to get more books out of the library. D'oh! Such is to be expected.

I didn't do anything fancy to celebrate my birthday---I am now 28---but did go to a fabulous talk this afternoon in the department. The topic turned out to be really up my academic alley. Very interesting stuff. Afterwards, some of us adjourned to the house of a fellow grad student for wine and cheese and etc. I got to talk more about history and spend time with one of the nicest, sweetest dogs ever. EVER. So, that was excellent.

Later this evening, I met up with good friend JR, who is teaching at a liberal arts college in New York State. (He's in town for a conference.) It was great to see him. He bought me half a pint and a basket of fries at the Victory. Mmmm.

I still haven't marked those 30 papers yet. God damn. I really need to get on that. Soon.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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