Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indie Music 7.

Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, please do let me know.

This week the Hallowe'en themed events continue. And I can pretty much guarantee three great non-ghostly parties later on in the week (well, if you're me, you'll have a great time): Tom's birthday bash at the Boat on Thursday, and the shows at the Boat and Tiger Bar the next night. And if you're up for something on Hallowe'en night itself, Dee's is having a free all-"Ghost" show. I love it. Lots more options, of course.


RoflCopter, The Sweethearts of the Revolution, Billy the Kid @ Lee's Palace, $5

SHOELESS MONDAY featuring The Stereo Hoax @ 11:30, See Spot Run (Montreal) @ 10:30 & ‘Three Star Red’ @ 9:30. Horseshoe Tavern, no cover. See Spot Run!


HALLOWEEN ROCK’N'BURLESQUE feat. (Burlesque) Rani Rhinestone, Nestle Chocolate, Ginger Marquee & (Rock) Fire Hydrant, The Atomic Ravens @ The Boat, $5.

Everything All The Time, Peter Project, plus Everything All The Time DJ set @ Supermarket. 9 pm, $5

David Picco & Jetset Motel, The Northwest Division (Charlottetown) @ The Dakota (249 Ossington at Dundas), No cover.

The Edge 102.1 DAVE BOOKMAN’S NU MUSIC NITE: NXNE Kick Off! On the lineup are popular Toronto band DD/MM/YY @ 12:00, Purr @ 11:10, Casey Baker @ 10:20 & Calgary's The Dudes @ 9:30, Horseshoe Tavern, no cover.

Nick Fraser/Drumheller at Tranzac, 10 pm, pwyc. This is kinda different from my usual listings... "jazz/experimental."

Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Tribute w/ PANTS & TIE, EUROPE IN COLOUR, WE TAKE LOVERS, LITTLE PROUD, OBVIOUSLY 5 BELIEVERS, ACTION MOB, KEY WITNESS, more @ The Silver Dollar Room, $5.

Or, for something different, try Ambient Ping All Hallow's Eve-Eve with Ghost of a Flea and MiMo at the Drake Underground, 8 pm, pwyc.


The Ghost is Dancing, w/ Proof of Ghosts, Ghostlight, Ghosthands, Ghost Television @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, free + cheap beer. How can this not be crazy-fun? Read an interview with the headliners here.

HALLOWEEN CRUISE @ The Boat, $5. (Not sure what this means . . . presumably a dance party.)


Mean Red Spiders, The Phoenix Lights Band @ Smiling Buddha, $5

This week's No Shame show at Tiger Bar features The Miles: Ferdinand-esque, frantic post-punk well-mannered youths, fresh out of high school and into your ears... THANK YOU!; Rouge: Yet another Guelph find! She-rock electronic-ettes dance you to death without wasting a breath; and Oscar Brown: Electro-Dance wizard escapes the Foxfire Forest to get you movin’. Doors open at 9pm, and it will cost you $5. Wanna check it out but don't know how to get to the venue? Ask me. This one should be a good dance party!

MMIICCHHAAEELL Michael Herring, Michael Daley, Nico Dann play Bob Dylan's entire The Times They Are a Changin' album) with Alex Lukashevsky @ the Central. 9:30pm, pwyc.

Local Alternative at the Horseshoe Tavern: Parker @ 12:00, Basia Lyjak @ 11:10, Chillin Room (Fredericton) @ 10:20, and Jet Black Stereo @ 9:30. $5.

RONLEY TEPER & THE LIPLINERS, LIZ & MAGALI (Phonemes), THE WEDNESDAY SMITH SHOW (Simon Patrick Rogers) at Tranzac, 10 pm, pwyc.

** Tom's 13th birthday, feat. a whole bunch of bands, including some of my favourites, who will play quick sets. This gets going at 9pm at The Boat, and will set you back $5. Who, you ask, is Tom? He's half The Gravity Wave's ridiculous/amazing live show---when his mom lets him perform, which is usually. He's also a singer-songwriter himself, and a nice kid to boot. How can this not be a great party?!


** Casual Sex Dance Party's 1st Anniversary show with Modernboys Moderngirls, Foxfire Forest, Beth in Battle Mode, and DJ Shit La Merde @ The Boat, $5. Yes!! This will be awesome, I have no doubt. I love Foxfire Forest and Shit la Merde, and last I heard MBMG they were good too.

** Easy Tiger 1 Year Anniversary with The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Wooden Sky, and more at Tiger Bar. Doors at 10pm, $5. Yes!! This will be even more awesome because I will (likely) be there.

Beekeepers Society (EP release party), Pelham 123 (farewell gig), Sara Kamin @ The Cameron House (408 Queen St. West, just past Spadina), 9 pm, $5.

* Jenny Owen Youngs @ Arbor Room, Hart House, 9 pm, free.


The Speaking Tongues, Terror Lake, Mississippi Grover at Clinton's Tavern, 9pm, $5.

* U of T's The Varsity newspaper presents Off the Record! featuring Uncut, The Coast, Germans, Now Yr Taken, & DJ Shit la Merde. This one gets started at 9:30pm at The Boat, and is free with your T-Card (or $5 without)! All proceeds will be donated to Journalists for Human Rights. Sounds like fun! I've seen two of the performers before, and can attest to their good-ness.

** Republic of Safety, with The Bicycles, More Or Les, Ohbijou @ North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St., 8pm. This one's free---FREE!---but you gotta get a ticket. (VERY limited tickets available at North York Central, Toronto Reference, Cedarbrae, Lillian H. Smith and York Woods libraries.) Read a little more about it here.

The Slipper Orchestra, Ashkon, Maria, Paper Bird Crew, uLTRaGaLaPaGouS @ The Concord Café, 8pm, $6.

Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy and Kat Burns at Tranzac, 9:30 pm, pwyc. This is more folky-country-indie stuff.

Weird Weather and Hamilton Trading Co. at The Boat, $5.

Or if you're up for some indie jazz, check out Wavelength 387 featuring Feuermusik, God's Gift to Yoda, The Cog & Drone + DJ Music is My Radar. This one's happening (as usual) at Sneaky Dee's. Doors at 9pm, pwyc.

Want to spend more money? See more listings here. And curious about where I get my listings? See the links to the right. Plus I also check facebook event listings and occasional come across things on myspace. (I sometimes steal text directly, without footnotes!)

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