Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Because I don't want to grade those last 5 essays . . .

I will tell you about the quick---but eventful---storm we had here yesterday. FN and I were just talking about going down to Bloor St. to get food when it suddenly started to rain very hard. Then almost immediately the wind kicked up, and, before we had a chance to close the windows, there was a loud BANG and a flash of light. At this point, all the lights went out in the house. Crap! Unplug the computers! I went and found some candles to give us some light---it wasn't dark out yet, but it was nearing dusk. A minute or so later there was another loud bang and flash of light, this time coming from the back of the house. Very freaky.

Soon enough the lights and the rest of the electricity was restored, but then we noticed that the storm had caused some real damage. Right in front of our house some huge tree branches fell on top of two parked cars. It was quite the scene. The firemen came and taped off an enormous section of our street. People came by to take pics and stare. (I did these things from my window.) Here's what I saw:This is where the branches came from (taken this morning from my window):
The woman who owns the green car came and took it away this morning. Well, a tow-truck came and got it. Which left the car with the most tree matter on it. And then men with a "Fargo"-esque wood-chipper machine came and did away with the branches. Funny (to me) how this car doesn't appear to be damaged at all. Another tow-truck came and took it away.

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Wowser! That's wild!