Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hanging with the old crowd.

For Easter Friday FN and I went to a dinner party at the condo of our excellent friends JDS and TC. We brought home-made sweet potato casserole . . . mmm. The party was pretty fun, though it was filled with people I used to hang out with a lot, but who(m?) I don't see much (of?) anymore. [Grammar problems. Let's blame grading undergrad papers.] And there's a reason I don't see these people anymore. They are fine, but not for me. I asked one guy how he was doing and he told me he didn't want to "talk shop." (He's another historian.) Ok, but then we have nothing to talk about. Thus ended my attempt at conversation. Whatever. It was nice to see most of the people there, so good. And now I can go back to not hanging out with those other people.

The other news from today is that I've decided to go to a conference in Washington in June. This is the same conference I presented at last year in Kansas, but this year I'm just going to watch. I think it will be great fun. And it will be good for me to remind some people of my existence. I may need them to hire me in a couple years! There's a good-sized contingent of U of Ters going, including one of my supervisors. HD and two other women from my department are presenting papers, and another of our friends will be there too. I wonder what the old-school diplomatic historians will make of such a large group of women!

But now I really must grade papers. Sigh.

3:55am P.S. And WTF is with airline prices this summer? They are significantly more expeez (to quyote EC and JC) then just a few weeks ago, and much higher than last year. Goodness gracious. I don't think I'm being stupid about searching for good prices: they are just really high.

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