Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just another day at work.

This morning I had an 11am appointment at the New-York Historical Society's Print Room. The society is in a lovely building on Central Park West (at 77th) right near the American Museum of Natural History. I was late running out the door (of course) but made good time so was hardly late at all. I looked at a bunch of photographs and took my own photographs of an interesting little collection. At this archives researchers pay $15 a day to take digital pictures, which I was happy to do.

I finished my work there just shy of 1:30pm and then headed back to the subway to go to Columbia. As soon as I got on the subway I wondered whether it was the right one, and upon getting off at my stop, sure enough I realized it wasn't! It's the same street as the one I wanted, but several blocks west (in Harlem). But I soon figured out where I was and walked over to Columbia through Morningside Park. I'm getting pretty good at this single historian in the big city thing.

The archivist at Columbia let me take a few more pics today, which was nice of her. Especially since it saved me a bunch of time. (I've been reading a diary, handwritten in pencil, which is proving to be a great source for me, but it took a LONG time to read through it all.) I've only got a day of research left, which I really don't think is enough time to go through everything I wanted to see, but such is life. I can always come back to the city for a couple days another year. No biggie.

Tonight I'm chilling at home. Tomorrow after the library closes I'll head back here and pack my things to move in with DN for a few nights.

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