Thursday, April 19, 2007

Living the NY student life.

The subway performers in this city are just excellent. Too bad I'm always in such a rush! But tonight I was waiting for the A train at the 42nd St/Times Square station and moved down the platform to better hear Steve play his trumpet and keyboard, and sing oldies. I even gave him a dollar. (Not much, but better than nothing.)

Anyways, that was tonight. This morning my alarm didn't go off---I'd switched AM for PM and I woke up on my own Monday and Tuesday, so didn't notice until today---and by the time I roused myself out of bed it was 11am! Goodness. So I missed 4 hours of precious library time. Sigh. These things happen. I did manage to get in a few hours work and then walked around campus for a bit. I decided to get a quick street-stand dinner. I bought a lamb gyro and fries from the guy on Amsterdam outside St. Luke's Hospital and took it back to a bench outside the journalism building at Columbia to eat. So good. Mmmm, street meat. By then it was 6pm so I dashed off to the subway so I could meet DN for drinks with him and a couple of his grad school friends. I got a bit confused but managed to get myself to the right place and using that wonderful invention that is the cellphone, met up with DN on 14th St.

We went into a bar called the King's Head Tavern where his friends were waiting. It's a small place, very friendly, and we had a good time chatting and laughing. I even had a cosmopolitan to celebrate being in the Big Apple. And since it was happy hour, the drink didn't break the bank. But then a band started to set up a few feet away from us, and soon enough 4 guys started playing and singing amazing jazz! They were shortly joined by a drummer, and then a female singer who was excellent. It was unexpected entertainment, and really awesome. It's kinda sad that I don't live here and can't come back to see them each week! The group was called Sly Blue, or so the bass player told us.

I suppose such cultural things are to be had in Toronto. Perhaps I should get more of a life?

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Jennifer said...

hey Jen hope u had a great time with your friends, that too grad school friends! I usually catch up with one or two of my favorite college friends whenever I'm free and usually have a great time hanging out.