Wednesday, April 04, 2007

4:15am and pouring rain.

I shun joining the world. I rage against the machine. I follow the Sinatra Doctrine (to do it "my way"). Conformity is for chumps. I will grade, but I will do so in the wee hours. Because I cannot deal with being tired. It makes me unhappy and walk into things. And so I will nap at 9:30pm if I need to, and go to bed again at 6am if it strikes my fancy. And that's just how it's gonna be right now.

In other news, I have a place to stay in NYC. A little further out than ideal, but still technically in Manhattan and with a local grad student, which is excellent. Also much cheaper than any other arrangement other than free accommodation. And, my host has two cats. Apart from the times when I stayed with my parents, then, all my research trips have included cats. And all my trips have seen me rent a room in a house or apartment. I seriously can't recommend this way enough. I will stay in the cat apartment the first few nights of my trip while I conduct research and then spend the weekend with DN. Should be fun. I hope!

I've just marked a string of three A papers. I think, actually, that many of the students really did learn something this year. It's making me all optimistic about the future of humanity. How nice. ;-)

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