Saturday, April 14, 2007

Congratulations to Dr. TC, PhD!

Excellent! I didn't understand a word save the "and," "but" and "in conclusion" parts, but you seemed quite impressive, Dr. TC.

Today I also took in EW's talk---very well done and quite interesting, I must say!---and ran errands in preparation for my leaving the country Sunday morning. EW and I lunched at Massey and then I was back there for dinner, wearing my gown for the last time this school year. (I had someone take a pic of me so I can send it to my dad, who will laugh and say it's very ridiculous and strange. Which of course it is, but it's a "thing.")

Back at home I had to rest for a bit and then it was back to grading. Sigh. Which explains why I have NOTHING interesting to say. Blech.

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