Thursday, April 26, 2007

A feast fit for fête-ing.

Last night JDS and TC---er, Dr. TC---came over for dinner to celebrate their accomplishments. FN whipped up some excellent dishes, and I helped out. It was much fun and not as much work as I expected. We now have a fridge-full of leftovers to keep us in food for a while yet.

I've finally finished that dreaded grading, just in time for a bit of a break before I start grading final exams next week. Those will be painful, but hopefully less painful than the essays. (They'll be shorter, at least, and I won't have to comment.)

I'm finally starting to want to write my dissertation these days. The research I did in New York helped me figure out where I want to start my story, which is good, since that was a problem before. And there are even some books I want to read! This is a new feeling. I'm excited about it. Of course I'm still feeling daunted when I think about how much material I have to go through, but I try not to think about that too much.

The weather outside is frightful, but hopefully things will clear up so I can leave the house without getting soaked tomorrow. Must run some errands---including taking those books out of the library and handing off the last 6 essays---and then eat BBQ at Massey. Mmm.

Ok, time to go start writing something dissertation-related.

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