Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Massey event of 2006-07.

How sad. But it's ok---I have a dissertation to write!

Last night I was at Massey eating a hamburger and hanging out with a bunch of Massey types. It was fairly entertaining, and then I went off with a few of them to the Duke of York for more talking. Unfortunately, we left just as the dance party was really getting started. Now that totally looked like a good time (for the slightly inebriated and assorted uninhibited folk).

I am feeling uninspired by this blog today. But you should be happy to know that I am working on my dissertation. No, not actually writing anything yet, but reading relevant material and notes.

Unrelated to my dissertation, I am looking forward to heading off to Israel in a couple weeks. It should be fun times. (And probably exhausting.)

Time to eat. (It's important not to starve.)

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E :) said...

You get to go to Israel? Damn, girl. I'm jealous!