Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The end is in sight.

Yes, I'm still grading. But, I handed in most of the essays today, and only have 22 more to grade. That's only, like, 20 more hours of work! Excellent.

In other news, I emerged from my house Tuesday morning to go to my reading group. And that was good. One of my friends from York is handing in her completed dissertation in a few days, which is awesome! And what is even more awesome is that I'll get to read it in short order.

After the reading group meeting---thankfully close to home this time, in the department---I met up with FPW and took him to lunch at Massey. Much fun was had by all, especially by me. (Really, since when do I not have fun at a Massey lunch?) Most of the crew was there: PB, CG, LG, SM, M2.0, handsome guy, and the first and second coolest guys at the college. Plus others of more or less interest. (That sounds mean, but I don't mean it to be mean. You know what I mean?)

And then it was back to the department to set up the weekly grad student coffee social. Some of the good historians were about there too. After heading back northeast to drop off the essays, gossip with the prof, and talk with a postdoc whom I happened across at the Munk Centre, I was back in the department partaking in more hanging out. (That means you, CB, MK, MS, PM, DR, EW, AT, et al.) I had vague plans of attending a job talk, but all my chatting meant I missed the start time so didn't go. And I had vague plans of grading a couple more papers before lecture at 5pm, but I was feeling pretty haggard, so I nixed that idea.

I hung around after lecture and walked back most of the way home with the prof, who is not on my committee, but is one of my faves here for sure. Once home, FN whipped up yummy food. And I found the recipe for it online, so I'm feeling slightly proud of myself. ;-)

The bad news at the moment is that I went to bed early---tired!---but then woke up after a few hours. So, basically, I had a long nap. Which is not what I wanted, and which is annoying because it throws my sleeping patterns off kilter once again. Ah well.

LATER (because it made me smile) . . . From an MSN conversation, 3:40am:

JP says:
luck wishes you well
CLM says:
wishes it you too.

And to you!

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