Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to the big rain.

Ugh. It's wet, wet, wet here.

After a much-needed long sleep last night I woke up early and slowly---ever so slowly---started my day. The archives I'm visiting this today doesn't open until noon, so I took the opportunity time afforded me to hang out with the local cats, explore the local neighbourhood, and do a bit of grocery shopping. I'm staying in Washington Heights for the first part of my trip. This is an area of northern Manhattan full of recent immigrants, I'm told. It's feeling a bit New Yorkish to me, with lots of little corner stores and people milling about, but the rain is making things a bit difficult to appreciate. I'm going to spend the next half hour drying off as much as possible before heading out to the subway that will take me to Columbia's main campus (Morningside Heights).

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