Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A bit of a reprieve.

Monday evening I went to a reception and discussion for the latest book of one of my committee members. How excellent. I even drank 2 glasses of wine to celebrate. All my favourite profs were there (supervisor love continues), and---this is the best part---I got an extension on my marking! I am grading all late papers and the prof I'm working for decided that the late submissions won't be given back to students until late April. So, yay! Although I do still need to get cracking on marking, because I want to have it done before I leave for NYC in less than 2 weeks.

At the moment I'm in this bad sleeping cycle. My sleeping hours are split between the morning and the late evening, with me awake in the afternoon/evening and then again in the wee hours. I'm having a hard time getting out of this, (a) because I don't like being tired, but (b) also because I have no willpower to force me to stay awake when I'm tired. It's a problem. It's also a problem rather unique to being a student, I think. Most days there's really nothing pushing me to get up by a certain hour. And so I don't. Complain.

I'm now catching up on my filing in hopes of getting my desk back to some semblance of order so I can grade without too many distractions. For some unknown reason, FN and I spent A LOT of money on food last month. Almost $200 each, not including restaurant excursions. I guess this isn't a huge amount, but we'd been spending rather less than this in previous months. The cost of grocery snobbery, perhaps ;-).

Wish me luck on gathering up the willpower to get myself out of bed at a decent hour.

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