Monday, April 02, 2007

Fun times not working (again).

This morning I met up with LG and CG for dim sum in Chinatown. CG hadn't been before, so he definitely needed to be introduced to the "thing" that is dim sum. And according to LG, dim sum is "deemed" to be vegetarian, meaning he can eat it. The food was alright; the company pretty good---I think I like LG more than ever, platonically-speaking; but the rain sucked and made be rather wet. Ah well. It stopped soon enough.

After our meal CG and I left LG and headed off to Queen West for a bit of browsing. I showed off one of my supervisor's books (the one I'm finishing up right now) at the downtown Chapters store. And . . . turns out he has supervisor love too! Us grad students are so awesome in our nerdiness, eh?

Anyways, the main event of the day was a classical music concert at the Glenn Gould Studio. (The 12th Annual Schubertiad, described here.) The music was good, if not mind-blowing. I must say I rather enjoyed it, though. Definitely something to do again. Especially when I can get a free ticket!

After the long concert I left the Masseyites to their own devices and ran shopping errands on Bloor St. FN wants to go organic, so we are slowly seeing to that, and discovering various organic grocery stores in the neighbourhood. There are at least 3, which I suppose it unsurprising. And although the food is more expensive, I must say it can make for a nicer shopping experience than a trip to the local Dominion. (Not that Dominion is being purged entirely from the list of stores to visit, but still.) AG: I returned the video today. If there's a fine let me know and I'll pay it!!

For dinner FN and I dined on Sarah's falafels---mmmm---and then I took a, ahem, 5-hour nap. But it's because I was going on 3 hours sleep from the night before. All of which means tonight I'm up and determined to finish The Penguin History of Canada before the discussion of it tomorrow evening!

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