Monday, March 10, 2008

TWM post-CMW show.

I've had some fantastic Sunday nights in this city---think of a handful of crazy-good Wavelength shows---and last night was another one. Dan Wolovick (he of TWM and the booker at Rancho Relaxo) put on a Canadian Music Week after-party. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to, I must say. There were four awesome bands, three of which I just absolutely loved. I had a great big ridiculous grin on my face for a long time.

MB and I somehow managed to arrive at Rancho at exactly the same time, he coming from the southwest, and I from the northeast. And then we headed up the stairs to catch most of Elias' set. The Vancouver-based band had come to town for CMW but had to miss their show because the singer came down with bronchitis. So at least they got a chance to play. I enjoyed the set and would definitely see them again. I must say, though, that I wasn't paying full attention. MB bought their album, he liked them so much.

There was time to chat with the some of my show-going and musician friends, and then The Details (from Winnipeg) started playing. I'd seen them once before (at a Pitter Patter night at the Boat in mid-October), and liked them, but came away without being blown away. Last night, they were great! There were times during their set when there was just me and the music. That rarely happens, that I am made to forget the world around me. Fantastic stuff. Their new album's been getting good press lately, and I'm glad I got a chance to see them again. The band didn't have any disks on hand, so I'll have to make a point to pick one up from them when they play the Boat in April. Can't wait!

The third act of the night was one of my favourite groups, Tin Bangs! How I ever love them. The guys put on an awesome live show, and it was so hard not to dance like crazy. (But I couldn't; my neck is still bothering me a bit.) MB danced hard enough for the both of us, though, I should think. :-) It was so fun for me to see Tin Bangs at Rancho, which is a good venue for them. Well, for me, really. (They should be playing for much bigger crowds!) I'll go see them again at the end of the month: they are headlining at Rancho on the 28th. Yipee!

Finally---could it get any better than this?---The Schomberg Fair. I saw this group at a show back in the fall when it was just me (and a drunk old guy) on the dance floor. And then I enjoyed them at a house party, and have since gotten to know the guys a little bit. Last night was the first time I noticed just how amazing musicians they are. They play high energy rockabilly ballads and are just so much fun. I wasn't sure at first about them playing after Tin Bangs, but it worked well. The small crowd was much appreciative of their performance chops and demanded encores.

What a great night! It's rare that I get to see four bands I really like, and get to hang out with so many good people at a venue I've come to love. Good memories. Grin.

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