Saturday, March 08, 2008


My neck still hurts a bit, but it's much better today. I no longer suffer from momentary bouts of agony. So, good. I had planned on skipping out of the last night of Canadian Music Week, but I also had to cut out all the awesome in-store performances that were on today. This is quite unfortunate, but better to have stayed in than risk damaging myself even more.

CS and did go out for a bit in the snow to acquire fish & chips from Chippy's. Oh, yum.

Sunday night, I am meeting MB to take in The Details, Tin Bangs, and The Schomberg Fair. Yay, fun. But probably no dancing for me. Sad, that.

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Quadb said...

Ouch. Well, glad you're feeling a bit better. Have fun tonight (but not too much fun ;)