Friday, March 07, 2008

Yay Sloan yay!!

Last night I partook in Canadian Music Week, going to the Murderecords label re-launch showcase at Supermarket.

CS and I got to Supermarket in time to catch most of Will Currie and the Country French's set. Those kids impressed us. After a trip to the bar---water for me, of course---we headed near the front for Pony Da Look. At first, my basic thought was, "weird," but then the group grew on me and soon enough I had a huge grin on my face and was dancing like a fool. I loved it. Chris, the lead singer of Sloan, kept brushing past us with a video camera. So far the night had been totally worth the $13.68 it cost.

Fellow historian LS showed up in time for Meligrove Band, a group I'd been wanting to see for several months. They (as a three-some last night) were great! I'll have to see them again for sure. And then... SLOAN! Oh wow. These guys are ridiculously hot for 40 (actually or nearly) year-old guys. They rocked out, and it was awesome! During the encore, Robbie from Tin Bangs hopped up on stage (invited) and performed with the band. He told me later Sloan is his favourite band ("and always will be"), so how fun is that for him, eh? Excellent.

I had been quite disappointed in the crowd---there were no more than 200 people there---but it livened up a bit for Sloan's set. Which is good, because damn. Still, the women who took up the two rows in front of us just basically stood still the whole night. CS and I couldn't understand what was wrong with them. This was a rock show, people: dance! Or at least bop a bit. Geez. [Correction: Laura "was front row and dancing!" :-)]

Yay Sloan! Super fun show, Murderecords. Thanks!

Tonight: the Drake, assuming I get in.

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laura said...

I was front row and dancing!