Monday, March 03, 2008

On Saturday I went to No Shame at the Drake with JH to see the debut of the Gravity Wave band. First up was Burn Planetarium. They were good, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention. Had to catch up with friends in the crowd. But we decided to move up to the front for The Magic. And, oh wow. My, were those kids ever fantastic! Surprisingly interesting music, very dance-y, and their whole schtick I completely bought into. I will definitely see them again. And again. (Actually, I sorta, kinda did already. I went to Soundscapes on Sunday to get concert tickets, and the woman who sold me them was Sylvie from the band! We recognized each other right away. Random.)

Gravity Wave's set was ridiculous amounts of fun for me. I knew most of the songs, but from Ken's Nintendo-iPod days with Tom. I enjoyed the new arrangements, and the energy coming from the stage. So I danced like a complete fool, as is to be expected. Lots of good people came out to see them play too, so that was an added bonus. Fun times. The CD release is on April Fool's Day. (I think that's when the "movie" [I was an extra in] will debut too.)

After the show---it ended at 11pm---LS, BH, and I went to Rancho Relaxo for a TMW showcase to catch Ruby Coast. (LS manages them.) I'd seen them before at Tiger Bar, and had been impressed. Saturday night they were just great. I enjoyed their set immensely. Couldn't stay too long up at the front, though: there was moshing going on. But a young band will have a young fan base, so whatever. Everyone was having a good time, well, except for one guy who looked super unimpressed. Haha. These kids are going places, and fast. Ruby Coast: go see them.

After their set I found two guys in the crowd who looked completely out of place. As in, they didn't look 18 and they weren't making out and generally acting ridiculous. So of course I had to go talk to them. Apart from paying attention to Ruby Coast, I gotta say I spent all my time at the Rancho chatting with people. Fun. It really is a good place to see a show.

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