Monday, March 17, 2008

Historians and others.

I am being a bad grad student. I need to start being a much better one. Like, now.

Thursday I got sucked into pub night. Friday I went for lunch then couldn't do anything until EH and I went to a show. Then, Saturday, CS, YT, and I went to a housewarming / birthday party. It was super fun! And then at 1am, instead of going home as I should have, MB and I went dancing at the Boat. So much crazy fun. Dance nights at the Boat---with some exceptions---are ridiculously fun. We made friends and had a blast. I got home at 3:30am. Sunday, I finished building my enormous new filing cabinet (4 drawers! legal size!) and then CS and I ordered delivery for dinner (excellent choice) and then, instead of doing work, I went to Sneaky Dee's. But I probably wouldn't have done much work anyways. Not that that's any excuse. I was definitely missing my indie friends. And a bunch of them were out at the Wavelength show, including some of my favourites. I'm glad I went. But I'm not glad I spent so much time over the last several days not working.

Bad me.

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