Sunday, March 23, 2008

Play and work.

I took the day off on Saturday. Perhaps not well-deserved, but there you have it. (I am working hard today to make up for it.)

Late in the afternoon I got my haircut. It looked great when the stylist was done with it. Different from before, and I quite like it. Afterwards, I walked along Queen West and then north on Spadina toward the restaurant where I was meeting a new friend for dinner. We had Indian (at Nataraj), which I don't think I've had since FN moved out. It was excellent! I decided to have a vegetarian dish, which I would never have done before now. My new roommate is mostly vegetarian, so I haven't been eating red meat or chicken much recently. When I have had it, it hasn't sat well. It could have been other things, but I didn't want to risk it yesterday. So I might have inadvertently become somewhat of a vegetarian. Sigh . . . but probably better for me, as long as I make sure to get my protein elsewhere.

After dinner, there was time for a bit of a break before meeting MB at Tranzac for a show at which we had spots on the guestlist. We wouldn't have gone otherwise, it being a $10 show featuring The Phonemes---who are fine/good, but generally don't thrill me---and a klezmer musician neither of us had heard of. We were soon glad we went, though. Geoff Berner was fantastic! We laughed and sang along and it was great fun. (MB laughed so hard his face hurt.) A couple other historians happened to be in the audience too, which was neat.

We ended the night at The Neutral, a club in Kensington Market we'd never been to before. I wasn't sure I'd like it, and, well, it was ok. I had a bit of a hard time getting into the music. But there were good people about, so had a decent time.

In dissertation-related news, my first chapter is still not done. But it's coming. I took out the crap, and now it's 43 pages. It'll be longer, I think, after I add in the few sections I still need to write and fix it up for submission to my supervisor. It won't be perfect, but I need to finish what I've been working on, get her opinion on a few things, and then see where I'm at.

I would really like the weather to be less cold, seeing as it's technically spring and all. There's still lots of snow and ice on the ground.

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E :) said...

Ugh. Dissertations. My current chapter is 67 pages and showing no signs of being finished... Uh oh.