Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's Sunday and I'm pretty tired.

The weekend got started on Thursday (see previous post on that night's activity) and it was all kinds of fantastic. On Friday the guy from California came, we had dinner, and then went to a TWM showcase at Rancho Relaxo to see The Hots, Music for Animals, and Tin Bangs, one of my favourite local acts. Some good friends were in evidence, and the music and vibe were just great. We danced. And then there was the stripper who decided to put on a show. I don't really know what to say about this. At first, we were confused and kinda annoyed---she kept knocking into me! And, no, I don't wanna dance with you!! But then just got one up on us, jumping up on stage during Tin Bangs' set, eventually taking her top off and . . . well, it was crazy. She banged up the California guy's glasses when she, er, jumped on his face. I kid you not. (Her top was back on by this point.)

Anyways. Ridiculous. We left after the music ended, so I'll have to get the goss on what happened later on from people who stuck around.

On Saturday we went to Nathan Phillips Square for some Earth Hour concert featuring Nelly Furtado and a few people I hadn't really ever heard of. It was kinda boring. (Furtado just sang solo, accompanied by a guitar player. It needed to be much more up-beat for me.) I was, I think, a good sport about the whole thing, but I was out of my element. It was the first time I really felt that I had actually turned into one of those people. I don't want to be a snob, but, COME ON! Holy geez. Anyways, as we neared Lee's Palace later that night, I was much happier. Much.

We walked in just as Amos the Transparent was starting up. Excellent timing. They were great. It was awesome to see them up on that big stage. I don't quite know why I like them so much, but I do. A lot. (Frank from Chromewaves told me he'd seen the band first perform with many more musicians on stage. I'd definitely want to see that version of the live act, if possible.) Next up, Katie Stelmanis. I've been curious about her, and I'll get to see her again (solo, I think) in just over a week. Last night she played with her band, including percussionist Maya Postepski. That woman is fantastic. Katie Stelmanis has a nice, interesting voice, but in the end I thought all the songs kinda sounded the same. Maybe in a good way. But it was a bit meh for me, if leaning toward good-meh rather than bad-meh. If you know what I mean. Could be that I'll appreciate her sound better in a different venue.

Basia Bulat headlined the show, and she and her band did not disappoint. I had high expectations, having been impressed with their CBC3 performance at Criminal Records back in December. Bulat is just so incredibly charming and lovely on stage, as well as an excellent songwriter, musician, and singer; it was a marvelous show.

And so, yeah, I'm tired. But really, really happy with how the weekend went. I adore all the indie kids (broadly defined) and musicians I know and see at shows, and I had a great time with the visitor from the west coast.

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