Saturday, March 15, 2008


I was pretty goo earlier this week, working on my dissertation. But then Thursday happened and I spent hours doing heck knows what---not watching TV or movies, not playing on the internet, not on the phone, not cleaning, not eating, not sleeping, not leaving the house---and then it was time to go do stuff and then I got sucked into history pub night. Friday was different, but equally unproductive. Had lunch out and my body did not agree with the Irish (lamb) stew. And then it was time to go out with EH.

Out we did, but this time not far at all: to Tranzac. We wanted to see the The D'urbervilles and Forest City Lovers. It was double CD release show. And, well, I have some complaints. Not about the musicians. Other things. The sound wasn't fantastic, there were WAY too many people shoving past us, constantly moving (but NOT dancing), and talking over the music. It was all kinds of annoying and frustrating. We were disappointed. But we made the best of it, and ran into some friends in the crowd, and then we went for midnight sushi dinner. And that was good.

I'm on a cleaning bent. My room hasn't looked so spiffy in a long time. It's still pretty dirty, though. And I've got a massive filing cabinet I have yet to build. Best get on that soon.

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