Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listening, dissertating.

I've been doing my best to get my chapter into some sort of shape recently. It's been working, but of course it's far from finished. As I write and edit and move things around and look up information I've been listening to some new music.

MB picked up Woodhands' as of yet unreleased album, "Heart Attack," and it's fantastic. Congrats on it, guys! I will get my own copy at their CD release here in Toronto on 3 April at Wrongbar. (Can't wait!!) I've also finally managed to check out Plants & Animals' "avec/with" EP and their full-length, "Parc Avenue." The latter is a bit weird at times, but overall I quite like it. And then, some of The Acorn's tunes are on heavy rotation on my player, as is Laura Barrett. I'm sad to have missed her performances last week during CMW. I've been in a mood too for Plants & Animals' label-mates, Miracle Fortress. Their "Fives Roses" is great. So looks like it's all Secret City Records and Paper Bag Records for me these days. Totally didn't plan it that way.

And now back to chapter 1. Woodhands will help.

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Anonymous said...

Can't find your email, so fyi: Catl is playing with David McMorrow (Etta James, Screaming Jay etc) again. Wednesday, March 19th. At the Tranzac Club. We're opening for the Speaking Tongues. 10pm. PWYC.

My email is folkbrandrecordsAThotmailDOTcom.

Sorry to invade your comments. Being an teacher I lover the blog.