Tuesday, August 07, 2007


On Monday night I did a spot of community service by meeting up with one of my Massey "buddies." We went to a bakery on College Street for a snack and chatted about Massey. She's a new fellow this coming fall, and the point of the buddy program is to give newbies someone they can ask questions about the place, etc. But the reason we picked tonight to meet up is because we decided to both go to a magic show put on by another Masseyite. I went to one of his shows in June and loved it! So of course this was an event not to be missed. As my new acquaintance and I walked to the pub for the show, we ran into a friend of mine (well, mostly a friend of FN's, but I know him too) and convinced him to join us for the night once he'd had a chance to go home and have a bit to eat. So random, but since I was out and about in downtown Toronto, it seems only natural that I should run into someone I know.

The show was super entertaining and I enjoyed the company---FN, EH, indie DS, young SR, and BS, the random guy. Oh, and continuing my new thing of trying new beers, I had a Creemore. It was actually pretty decent (for a beer), though I still prefer water. But, you know, when at a pub . . . . I've now also tried 50, Steamwhistle, and Sleeman's Cream Ale.

And I am still making slow progress on my work. Though I spent too much time away from it today. But, heck, it was a holiday for regular folk here.

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