Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sorting and reading and dancing.

I finished reading through one of my stacks of YMCA photocopies yesterday---I have another set to do, but I may ignore those for now---and feel like I've accomplished a least a little bit this week. The new plan for this coming week is to compile a list of sources for the different subtopics of my dissertation, with this to form part of a report I will write for my committee. We'll see how it goes. At the very least it will be good to pull all my secondary sources together in some kind of topical list, and perhaps annotate it. This would be quite useful for me.

Yesterday evening I met up with a friend (AK, who was at UofT with me my first year here) for a beer and then headed off to The Boat for an indie music show and dance-off with CG2. That guy is now definitely my favourite person to party with! I had ridiculous amounts of fun, especially when the DJ started playing all these songs I remembered from high school. Awesome. I am, however, annoyed with myself for once again forgetting my ear plugs. I must remember next time I go out; I don't want to damage my ears any more.

I'm now going to get back to my secondary sources. Learning is fun! (Dancing is also fun!)

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