Monday, August 06, 2007

The usual.

Saturday night FN and I met up with a clump of people at the AGO's Cinematheque for a Chaplin double-bill. We saw "The Kid" (1921) and "City Lights" (1931), and really enjoyed them, especially the first one. We'd never seen Chaplin before . . . even though my soldiers (research subjects) watched Chaplin shorts in Siberia way back when. Very entertaining stuff. Afterwards 7 of us went for drinks to the Red Room, a well-known bar not far from campus. A very fun night indeed.

Once I got home I worked for a few hours and before I knew it, it was nearly 7am! Time flies when you're working, eh? Today I've been fairly productive too, and also found time to walk to Kensington Market with FN to acquire a whole bunch of necessary food things. We can now eat at home again. Oh, and since it's strange when I leave the house and don't run into people I know, today's random bumping-into was a new one: a couple of the indie-scene guys I've gotten to know a little bit recently. Actually, I've never seen these people in daylight.

And, speaking of the indie scene, I should point out that, yes, I know I'm 27 years old and doing my PhD and all---and I should be over all this stuff by now---but, well, I'm just not, and it's really fun, and I want to keep doing it. You'll be the first to know if I ever get tired of it, though. ;-)

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